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If other women had such an opportunity, they would have already seized it to get closer to Rong Linyi.

Only Su Yanyun was different.

Young Masters hints were already sufficient, but she still stood on the spot foolishly.

“You better go over first.” Aunt Chen sincerely wanted them to take another step forward.” You wont disturb his work if you go over.

It will only make him more efficient.”

Su Yanyun was evidently in disbelief.


Aunt Chen, Im not bad at reading signs, so dont lie to me.

Aunt Chen nodded.

“Its true.” She smiled and said softly to Su Yanyun, “Madam Yi, women have to be more proactive occasionally.

This way, men will like you more…”

“Come in.” Rong Linyi thought that Aunt Chen had brought him coffee when he heard the door knock.

The door opened and the person standing at the door was Su Yanyun.

Rong Linyi was stunned.

His expression darkened when he saw her pajamas.

“Come in.”

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Besides the sexy pajamas, she was also wearing a seemingly conservative silk dress.

However, the thin material outlined the little womans graceful figure and even the shape of the pajamas inside was visible.

The more tightly it covered her, the more alluring it was.

Su Yanyun walked in carefully with coffee.

“Hubby.” she probed softly.

“I know you probably dont like my nagging, but its already so late.

Its very easy to fall asleep at night if you drink coffee.

Its not good for your body…”

Rong Linyi didnt answer and just looked at Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun wasnt sure of his attitude, so she placed the coffee on his table.

As soon as her hand left the coffee cup, Rong Linyi had already pulled her into his arms before she could react.

“I dont need coffee tonight.” His voice is hoarse.

“Hubby.” Su Yanyun twisted her body uncomfortably when she felt something hard under her.

“Do you still have something to do…”

“Yes, I do,” Rong Linyi replied, his eyes was fixed on Su Yanyuns face.

His hand also rubbed forcefully on Su Yanyuns back.

Su Yanyun cried in her heart.

Aunt Chen was really a liar!

“You still have so many documents.” Su Yanyun was a little incoherent.

“The documents cant never be finished.” Rong Linyi stood up and pulled Su Yanyun into an embrace.

He placed a finger on her lips.”Have you thought about how you want to serve me on our wedding night”

Su Yanyuns brain stopped working and she blurted out a sentence.

“Hubby, have you taken your medicine”

Have you taken your medicine

Have you taken your medicine

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Rong Linyis eyes were more dangerous and invasive than before.

He touched Su Yanyuns red lips forcefully with his fingertips.

“No need, youre the best medicine.”

The study room was just beside the bedroom and they were connected.

Rong Linyi carried Su Yanyun and placed her on the bed while she was still in a daze.

Rong Linyi peeled off Su Yanyuns coat roughly.

Feeling the cool air of the air-conditioner on her skin, Su Yanyun subconsciously covered her body.

Rong Linyi leaned down.

“Su Yanyun.” He nibbled on her ear and rubbed her body tenderly.” After tonight, you are my woman…”

He wanted to remove all the marks that belonged to other men from her body…

Su Yanyun blushed and responded softly.


The lights in the bedroom dimmed and Rong Linyi held her face while kissing her intensely.


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