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“Thats what was said but…” First Aunt was still a little worried.

“He didnt say that the jewelry was worth 200,000.

In the end, didnt he only give you 50,000”

“Yes, he still owes me 150,000 yuan.” Shi Fang didnt think much of it.

“But he also said that as long as we help him by handinh Su Yanyun to him, he will give me the rest.”

“Dad, Mom, if youre so worried here, why dont you go out immediately and ask him to give you the money in person” Shi Ya thought she was smart and came up with an idea.

She had just had just whitened her teeth and wanted to show it off to him.

“Yes!” Grandfather Shi stood up as well.

“Lets go out and let my grandson-in-law make things clear to us.

How much will the Song family take and how much will our Shi family take!”

With a mysterious confidence, the Shi family made its way out.

If Su Yanyun knew that her Mothers priceless jewelry and her most precious parents love token had been sold to Song Zhifei at a low price of 200,000 yuan…

Slapped her once was definitely not enough.

At this moment, she was already escorted by the police officer to the entrance of the police station.

Rong Linyis black Maybach was parked quietly at the entrance.

The car door window wasnt lowered, but Su Yanyun could feel Rong Linyis cold gaze penetrating through the opaque glass.

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Seeing that she was about to walk to the car, Jiang Tong hurriedly got off the car in front and opened the door for Su Yanyun.


Su, please.”


Su looked up and gave Jiang Tong a grateful smile.

She was about to thank him when she saw Jiang Tong giving her a strange look.

“What” Su Yanyun was a little confused.

“Jiang Tong, whats wrong”

Jiang Tong really wanted to bang his head on the car door.


Su, Im signaling you with my eyes to stop smiling at me and ignore me.

But not only did you not understand, you even asked me what was wrong.

Y-You dont know that because you didnt call Young Master Yi, his expression was already dark enough.

If you smile at me again… Forget it, Jiang Tong already planned to hang himself in the Southeast.

Before Su Yanyun could get an answer from Jiang Tong, a hand reached out from the car and grabbed her wrist.

“Come in.” Rong Linyis voice was low.

Her husbands voice and aura were so cold that it made her legs turn weak.

When Su Yanyun came back to reality, she was already leaning on his arm.

“Hubby” She took the opportunity to lean into a comfortable position and looked up.

Why did Hubby always look unhappy whenever he saw her

Rong Linyi looked straight ahead and ignored Su Yanyun.

He ordered the driver coldly, “Drive.”

The Maybach slowly began to move.

The Shi family happened to rush out.

“Son-in-law! Son-in-law!” Shi Fang saw the Maybachs logo and the familiar logo.

He thought that it was Song Zhifeis Mercedes-Benz and hurriedly waved his hand.

“Dont leave yet!”

“Cousin-in-law!” Shi Ya also said coquettishly from behind.

“Dont leave first.

My father has something to discuss with you.”

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Rong Linyi saw the Shi familys fawning faces in the rearview mirror and frowned deeply.

“They are your family” He asked Su Yanyun with displeasure.

“Yes.” Su Yanyun nodded.

Before Rong Linyi could say anything, she added.

“Theyre the type of family members who specialize in back-stabbing.”


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