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Before her first aunt finished speaking, she had already received a tight slap on her face.

Su Yanyun couldnt take it anymore and she was within arms length.

Perhaps Rong Linyi had been leading her astray recently because she was loved and pampered.

That timid woman from the past had also become fond of violence to solve problems.

Seeing his first aunts spit flying from her arrogant face, she couldnt help but feel at ease!

“Mom! Are you alright!” Shi Ya screamed pitifully.

She came forward and held First aunt.

“Oh god, is your stomach alright”

“Officer! She hit me!” Shi Fang wanted to rush forward and hit Su Yanyun, but because of the bodyguards around Su Yanyun, he could only turn to the police for help.

“Officer, you cant ignore this! She even dared to hit a pregnant woman!”

The police glanced at Su Yanyun, who was looking up with a calm expression.

“Well… shes a mentally ill patient so she can kill and hit others without bearing any legal responsibility.

As normal people, you shouldnt anger her casually.”

“Then did I take this slap in vain” His first aunt held her face and cried.

The policemans face darkened.

“Since ancient times, mentally ill people have not been convicted for breaking the law.

This slap of yours would have been brushed off even if you went to court and let the judge give a sentence.”

Su Yanyun almost laughed out.

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Police officer, you are so cute! Im going to be your fan!

Right at this moment, the phone on the police officers table rang.

The police officer picked it up and heard a few sentences before his expression turned serious.

“Okay, Ill get to it immediately.”

After hanging up the call, he nodded solemnly to Su Yanyun.


Su, your family has come to fetch you.

They want me to send you out personally.”

The Director personally called and asked him to send Su Yanyun to the entrance of the police station immediately to ensure her safety.

Su Yanyuns eyes lit up.

Had her hubby was here to fetch her

It had to be!

Only her hubby could let her enjoy such treatment.

The Shi family members were suspicious when they saw the police escort Su Yanyun out.

“Whats happening Who wants him to send Su Yanyun out Family Which family member” First Aunt stopped howling and asked her husband.

“Need I say more” Shi Fang looked self-righteous.

“Other than the Song family, who else can make the police be so respectful”

“Exactly.” Shi Ya twisted her hair with her fingers.

“It must be her husband who made the police do this.

Her husbands family is considered influential.

As long as her husband makes a demand, how could the police not be obedient”

“Fanger!” Great-grandfather Shi looked up and asked his son.” Didnt you say that as long as we help my grandson-in-law get his property, we can also get a share”

“Thats what Song Zhifei said.” Shi Fangs eyes gleamed with greed.” As long as we find a way to trick Su Yanyun out and hand her over to him or send her back to the mental hospital, we will have a share of the property.”

“Did he sign any papers with you” First aunt hurriedly asked.

“Dont let him go back on his word after we help him.”

“Youre just a housewife! What do you know The Song family is a prestigious family in C City!” Shi Fang looked at his wife in disdain.

“Song Zhifeis mothers surname is Rong! When I gave him all the precious gems in Shi Fangrans luggage the last time, didnt he give us a large sum of money”


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