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“The police officers are so understanding!” First Aunt praised with a wide smile.

“We were just about to send Su Yanyun to the hospital for a checkup.

Shes really sick and tells everyone shes married to Young Master Yi.”

“Yes, who is Young Master Yi” Shi Ya retorted with disdain.

“Su Yanyun, youre a piece of trash that cheated while married.

Its already good enough to have an old man willing to take care of you, so dont dream of joining a rich family.”

Although the police officer was sure that Su Yanyun was mentally ill, they still couldnt bear to watch her being humiliated by her family members.

He stood up and looked at Shi Ya and her daughter unhappily.

“As family members, you should watch your words.”

“Officer, youre wrong.

Everything we say is the truth.” Shi Fang was sure that he had the upper hand and couldnt help but be arrogant.

“What we have to do now is to send Su Yanyun to the hospital.

We might have to trouble you with this matter.

Look, Su Yanyun has found these men to guard her.

We dont have a choice, so can you help us notify the hospital…”

Before Shi Fang finished speaking, Su Yanyun sneered.

“Uncle, do you know what happened to the last person who tried to lock me up in a mental hospital”

The old woman and a few doctors who had tried to hurt her last time were all locked up in the mental hospital by her husband and were being treated as mentally ill.

“Youve even learned to threaten people” Great-Grandfather Shi scolded.

“Let me tell you, from today onwards, your property is under the control of the Shi family!”

“Youre controlling my property” Su Yanyun retorted.

She really wanted to know why these strange relatives of hers thought that her property was theirs.

“I think we better have a good talk about where the valuables in my mothers suitcase have gone.”

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“Police officer, lets not talk so much.” When it came to the whereabouts of the things in the suitcase, Shi Fang felt a little guilty and immediately urged the police.

“Hurry and help us call the hospital.”

The police were not deceived by Shi Fangs words.

Although Su Yanyun claimed to have married Rong Linyi, and the Internet data showed that she was divorced, it was indeed possible to infer that she had a mental illness with the hospitals psychiatric certificate.

But… from the beginning to the end, the calm, clarity, and logic of Su Yanyuns words indicated that her mind was normal.

As for the Shi family, their behaviors showed the ugliness of commoners.

This matter was a little tricky…

Could it be that Su Yanyun was really in a relationship with Rong Linyi

That mysterious but influential young man in the C City… was already in the stage of discussing marriage with her

But thinking about it, it was incredible that a man of such status and background would marry a divorced woman…

“Police, you have to help us.” First aunt held her stomach.

“Im a pregnant woman.

If I get angered by this mental patient and give birth prematurely, who will be responsible for me”

“The child in you isnt the police officers.

Who else should take responsibility for your child Blame yourself for being here.” Su Yanyun couldnt help but mock.

“Shut up! Youre the one who framed us for taking your things and brought us here!” First Aunt relied on her pregnancy to slander Su Yanyun.

“Let me tell you, Su Yanyun, if anything happens to me today, even if you compensate me with all your assets, you will also… Ah!”


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