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He wanted to see if anyone dared to come and arrest him after Su Bowang and the others called the police!

“Jiang Tong.” Rong Linyi turned and ordered Jiang Tong.

“Go and arrange for Auntie to move to the VIP area upstairs.”

This way, Su Yanyun wouldnt be harassed by these insolent people easily in the future.

“VIP area” Su Yanyun widened her eyes in gratitude and love.

“Hubby, youre so nice…”

The hospital had an exlusive VIP ward area.

The service was good and it had all the facilities, but it was expensive.

Actually, according to the Su familys background and Aunt Sus status, she should have been hospitalized there.

But these three years…

“Hubby, Im really lucky to be able to marry you.” Su Yanyun stood on her tiptoes and kissed Rong Linyis cheek gently.

A man like him could have any woman he wanted.

But he was so gentle and caring to her…

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How did she get so lucky in her life to gain his affection

Thinking of this, Su Yanyun felt as if her heart was melting.

Rong Linyi didnt have much of a reaction to Su Yanyuns straightforward confession.

He only held her waist, and stared at her gently.


The lucky person was him, right

He had thought that there would never be a girl in his life who he could touch so fearlessly, but she just suddenly fell into his embrace and called him hubby.

She stuck close to him and didnt let him go…

“Oh right, Hubby, how is your friend” Su Yanyun was curious.

The tenderness in Rong Linyis eyes darkened at Su Yanyuns question.

His eyes were cold as he tightened his grip around Su Yanyun.

“I said before that you arent allowed to care about other men in front of me.”

“When did you say that!” Su Yanyun retorted immediately.

“You only said that I wasnt allowed to plead for other men!”

“Whats the difference” Rong Linyi responded stiffly.

Jiang Tong lowered his head and chanted.

“I am transparent, I am transparent, I am transparent…”

To follow Young Master Yi and Ms.

Su, he had to either act innocent and accomodating, or he would have to worry about his life at all times… Thinking about it, he felt that it was such a high-risk job and that he wanted Young Master Yi to give him a raise!

“Your friend is also my friend.” Su Yanyun didnt sense her husbands strange point at all and continued to argue.

“I understand them because I understand you, whats wrong with that”

“No need for that.

You just have to understand me.” Rong Linyi gave Su Yanyun a dictatorial answer.

Why did his woman have to understand other men He had already been extraordinarily magnanimous to put up with her staying beside Song Zhifei for three years.

Would he still be magnanimous enough to send her to another man

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Su Yanyun breathed deeply again.

“Wheres the logic in that!”

“It makes sense.” Rong Linyi replied coldly.

“Other than me, you dont have to get close to other men.”

“If I cant get close to another man, I can at least be close to women, right” Su Yanyun was about to explode.

“I dont have any female friends.” Rong Linyis answer was like a matchstick that ignited Su Yanyuns anger.

“But I do! I have a female friend!” Su Yanyun stomped her feet.

The moment she finished speaking, Rong Linyi grabbed her chin and forced her to look up.

His narrowed eyes were dangerous.

“I didnt expect you to like women.”

Su Yanyun was speechless.

This really came full circle!


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