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All her complaints, angry words, and coquettish words…

They were all eaten by Rong Linyi at this moment.

Su Yanyun widened her dark and shiny pupils, and her tears seemed to have become starlight due to her surprise.

Rong Linyis breath intruded into her breath, and together with his overbearing and impolite lips, disturbed her thoughts.

After a few seconds, Su Yanyuns attacked and fragmented thoughts were finally pulled back to reality.

She really felt the entanglement between her lips and teeth.

He was so forceful that it hurt a little.

He gripped her hand tightly, and… her lips, waist, and legs were about to fit into his body…

Hubby had kissed her.

This was their first real kiss.

In broad daylight, there were even drivers and bodyguards in the front row.

Hubby suddenly interrupted her, pressed down, and bit her lip, like a beast invading a prey, biting her dead.

Su Yanyun could only widen her eyes and passively accept her husbands baptism.

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She was hurt by him several times, whether it was his rough kiss that didnt understand pity or his clenched hand on her shoulder.

She subconsciously moaned in pain, but it seemed to encourage his behavior, like a barrel of oil stimulating a fire, making it fiercer and more aggressive.

Suddenly, Rong Linyi opened his eyes, and his dark and calm eyes were covered with a thick lust.

“Close your eyes.” He let go of her lips, his voice hoarse, but still with the irresistibly cold power.

Su Yanyun was powerless.

She closed her eyes nervously and weakly, and her dense eyelashes trembled like a tangled pool of water.

She didnt see that on Rong Linyis originally condensed complexion, his eyes darkened when he saw her delicate appearance, like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

The corners of his lips also curved into an arc.

Little woman, what kind of temper was she playing with him…

He had clearly warned her not to “question him”, but she was still so coquettish.

How could he hold back his fierce emotion because of her

In particular, she even told him that “he” had never kissed her.

The little woman who had never been kissed used her first kiss as a temptation.

He had restrained himself like a monk by her side, but she tried to provoke him again and again…

Rong Linyis lips fell again.

This time, instead of being as aggressive as before, he gently bit her lips and then slowly deepened the kiss…

After a lengthy and fierce kiss, Su Yanyun was almost emptied of all the air in her body.

She was softly paralyzed in Rong Linyis arms.

“Hubby…” She cuddled him like a kitten.

“No more…”

Kissing was tiring, especially because her husbands kiss was so powerful and overbearing.

She felt as if she and her soul were drowning.

However, this tender and soft rejection was more likely to cause him to lose his mind than an invitation.

Rong Linyis breathing quickened and he pressed down on Su Yanyun more forcefully.

The partitions seen in the front and rear seats had long been raised, giving them a closed space.

Rong Linyi thought that their first time shouldnt be in such a place.

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In short, this kind of place was not… clean enough.

However, the temptation of the little woman in front of him had clearly overwhelmed his requirements for cleanliness.

“Tell me.” He swayed heavily over her body, lingering everywhere.

“Who is your husband”


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