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The two shades of purple complemented each other very well, bringing out the couple in them.

Aunt Chen looked at them in satisfaction, and all of a sudden felt as if everything shed been through in the Rong family all these years was worth it.

“I wonder if Mom will ever wake up.” Su Yanyun wrung her fingers worriedly while on the way to the hospital.

“Ill arrange for overseas experts to come over for a consultation.” Rong Linyi placed a hand over Su Yanyuns, its warmth assuring.

“Dont be afraid.”

“Mm.” Su Yanyun rested her head on Rong Linyis shoulder.

She was as sweet and gentle as ever.

Rong Linyi opened his arms and wrapped her in his embrace fully.

Nobody mentioned anything about what happened the previous night, it was as if nothing had taken place.

“When we get to the hospital, Ill get someone to accompany you to see your Mom.” Rong Linyi placed a finger on Su Yanyuns lower lip.

Su Yanyun looked at him, a little confused.

“What about you”

Was Hubby not following her

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“I have another patient to visit.” Rong Linyi explained, “Well split up first.

Ill look for you once Im done visiting.”

“Which patient” Su Yanyun asked.

“A friend,” Rong Linyi replied succinctly.

Su Yanyun pouted.

“Male or female”

Rong Linyi looked at how she was holding air in her pink cheeks and suddenly felt like teasing her.

He casually said, “So what if its a female”

Su Yanyun looked a little aggrieved.

She seemed to have suffered a blow as her eyes went watery.


Hubby has another woman in his heart

Seeing that Su Yanyun was on the verge of tears, Rong Linyi held her tight in his arms.

“Its a male.

A male, a male…” He had not realized that he sounded sweet and gentle as he coaxed her.

“What!” Su Yanyun was even more shocked.

“Hubby, you actually like men”

Rong Linyi was speechless.

He held her chin and smiled.

“If I liked men, would you be calling me Hubby”

Su Yanyun was still upset.

“Hmph! Who knows whether youre using me as a smokescreen Maybe youre just marrying me to distract others… No wonder youre not up to it.

So its only the case with women, maybe in front of men youre all beasty…”

“Su Yanyun!” Rong Linyi stopped her.

“Dont use reverse psychology on me!”

“What reverse psychology!” Su Yanyun was usually quiet and soft-spoken, but she was completely different when angry.

“Ive been married to you for three years! Besides the time you took pills, youve never been up to it before! That aside, youve never even kissed me before!”

On that note, Su Yanyun was even more aggrieved now as tears glistened in her eyes.

“Im speaking the truth in every word! Whos using reverse psychology on you…”

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