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When she walked out of the room, Su Yanyun couldnt resist but take one last glance at the carving on the wall.

She wanted to ask Rong Linyi what that picture was and where it came from…

But the coldness that Hubby currently emanated told her she should be careful with her words.

“I still have one more room on the third floor,” Rong Linyi said coldly when she walked past him.

“Youll stay there temporarily.”

Su Yanyun nodded and quietly said, “Thank you, Hubby…”

“As for the second floor, youre not to set foot on it as you wish.” Rong Linyi tossed these harsh words at her and took his leave.

He slammed the door as he left.

“Aunt Chen, get Madam settled and then look for me.” His sturdy silhouette in the dim light made him look especially intimidating.

His tone was distant and detached as usual as if hed already sentenced Aunt Chen to premature death.

Su Yanyun did not expect to see Aunt Chen standing outside the bathroom when she was done showering.

Not only was she holding her new set of pajamas for her, but she had also even prepared a cup of warm milk to help with her sleep.

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“Aunt Chen, youre back from talking to him” She asked in concern.

“Did he blame you…”

“Put these on first, Madam Yi.” Aunt Chen smiled kindly.

She helped Su Yanyun into her pajamas as she answered her question, “I havent gone to look for him.”

“Ah, then… would he get angrier if you keep him waiting, you dont have to attend to me…”

“Its alright, Madam Yi.” Aunt Chen maintained her smile.

“Young Master will be settling his documents for a while before he goes to bed.

Youre pregnant now, you shouldnt be left on your own.”

Su Yanyun subconsciously rested her hand on her belly.

“Im sorry, Aunt Chen.

Its all my fault…”

Well, curiosity killed the cat.

She was alright now, but Aunt Chen was probably in trouble.

“Ill be fine.” Aunt Chen couldnt help but assure her with a gentle pat on the shoulder.

Strictly speaking, it wasnt appropriate for her, a butler, to be acting this way with the mistress of the household.

But seeing Su Yanyuns worried expression, Aunt Chens maternal instinct came to play.

This girl was gentle and sensible, Madam surely would like her too if she understood her better.

“If anyone else was involved in this, Young Master wouldve erupted by now.

The fact that he suppressed his anger shows that he wont do anything to me.” Aunt Chen comforted Su Yanyun.

“Im sorry, Aunt Chen…” Su Yanyun got even more embarrassed.

“Im the one in the wrong, and yet youre still comforting me.”

“You did no wrong.” Aunt Chen couldnt bring herself to tell Su Yanyun her actual intentions.

“Actually, when you wanted to take a look at the room, I couldve told you that I didnt have the key…”

Su Yanyun was shocked.

“Aunt Chen, that was on purpose”

Aunt Chen let out a small sigh.

“Thats right, it was on purpose.”

Before Su Yanyun said anything more, Aunt Chen hurriedly added, “Im sorry, Madam Yi.

I made use of you.”

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Aunt Chen said she made use of her

Su Yanyun seemed to guess something, but couldnt point a finger to the actual answer.

Aunt Chen shook her head.

“Madam Yi, to be honest, I just wanted to see how important you are to Young Master.

I wanted to know if you are important enough for him to let go of his past…”


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