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Su Yanyun laughed out loud.

“What are you laughing at again” Rong Linyi frowned.

The little womans mood was always elusive.

She was laughing now after having just cried.

Were women all so uncertain

“Its nothing.” Su Yanyun reached out and hugged Rong Linyi, pressing her face against his chest.

She said softly, “Hubby, youre so good.”

“Since you know Im good, will you lose your temper at me in the future” Rong Linyis face was stiff, but there was a hint of pleasure in his eyes.

Su Yanyun shook her head in a hurry.

Her face rubbed up and down on Rong Linyis chest.

“No, I wont.

I will listen obediently to Hubbys words…”

Rong Linyi felt his heart itch at her rubbing and he held her hand a little more heavily.

“Be more obedient.” Rong Linyis voice was low and hoarse.

“Then I will dote on you more…”

Su Yanyun blushed and nodded softly.

On the side, Jiang Tong felt as if he had been stuffed with dog food.

He didnt want to watch nor did he dare interrupt, so he just stood there awkwardly.

“Where are Rong Xiaoping and the doctors” Perhaps Jiang Tongs grievances were too strong, but Rong Linyi finally turned his head.

The tenderness on his face had also faded away.

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“I locked them in the patient area,” Jiang Tong answered respectfully.

“Well done.” Rong Linyi praised indifferently.

“You have made a difference.”

Jiang Tong heaved a sigh.

Rong Linyi ordered in a cold voice, his tone chilling, “Let them enjoy all the treatments for patients with severe schizophrenia.”

They dared to treat his little woman as a mentally ill patient

Fine, then he would let them experience what it felt like to be treated as one too!

Given that the citys mental hospital was the best place to punish them, there was no need to punish them elsewhere.

“Hubby!” Suddenly, Su Yanyun grabbed Rong Linyis hand.

“I just remembered something.

They seemed to have made me sign some agreement! There was a divorce agreement and a property transfer agreement…”

“You signed a divorce agreement” Rong Linyi frowned slightly.

This saved him the trouble.

Rong Linyis beauty between his eyebrows stunned Su Yanyun for a moment and she paused before tugging on him anxiously.

“And the property transfer agreement.

Hubby, I didnt see it clearly and they forced me to press my fingerprints…”

When Father died, he had left a weird will.

All his properties were given to Mother and couldnt be transferred to anyone except Su Yanyun.

To transfer, two conditions must be met.

Su Yanyun had to be over eighteen years old and her Mother would have to be dead.

In other words, if the conditions were met at the same time, then Su Yanyun could transfer her property to others.

After listening to Su Yanyuns narrative, Rong Linyi patted her back gently.

“Its okay.

The transfer agreement you signed has no effect.

Because your mother is still alive.”

“Shes still alive” Su Yanyun widened her eyes in disbelief and surprise.

“Hubby, did you help me”

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“Then, can I go and see her” Su Yanyun was expectant.

Rong Linyi took her into his arms and suddenly carried her horizontally.

“Its too late now.

Ill take you there tomorrow.” He hugged her and strode out of the mental hospital.

“Okay…” Su Yanyun obediently nestled in Rong Linyis arms and said softly and sweetly, “Hubby, thank you…”

Thank you for saving Mother.


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