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Su Yanyun was dragged into the doctors office by Song Zhifei.

“Doctor, let me do her ideological work first.” Song Zhifei still continued pretending to be a good man.

“Let me appease her first and ensure that her mood wont be so agitated.

Shell cooperate better with your treatment too.”

The attending doctor nodded.

When Song Zhifei had come to look for them, he had shown them their marriage certificate.

They were indeed husband and wife.

And Su Yanyun didnt look normal.

Forget about running away from home and not recognizing her family, she even imagined she was married to Rong Linyi and pregnant with Young Master Yis child

This was considered severe schizophrenia.

The office door was locked.

Su Yanyun looked at Song Zhifei, who had regained his fierce and sinister expression.

She also looked at Rong Xiaoping, who never stopped looking evil.

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“What do you want” Even if she no longer remembered the Song family, she still had her basic judgment and logic and knew that the other party wouldnt find her for no reason.

There must a secret motive for kidnapping her here in such a costly manner.

“Wouldnt it have been better if you were this straightforward” Song Zhifei found the document and threw it at Su Yanyun.



Su Yanyun almost laughed out.

What was happening today Everybody wanted her to sign.

She stared at the document in front of her.

Divorce agreement

There was a sentence on the first line:

[I betrayed my partner Song Zhifei and cheated on him during my marriage.

Thus, I agree to divorce him and leave the house with nothing.


“Song Zhifei” Song Zhifei looked up with infinite sarcasm in her eyes.

“Leave with nothing”

Werent these two the ones mentally ill

“What are you looking at Youre just a chicken that doesnt lay eggs, yet you ate and drank our Song familys food for three whole years.

We endured you until now, you should really kneel down and thank us!” Rong Xiaoping pointed at Su Yanyun arrogantly.

“Sign immediately!” Song Zhifei approached her, looking fiercely at Su Yanyun.

“If you continue to delay, I will kill the bastard in your belly immediately! So that you cant explain to your hoe!”

“As if you dare!” Su Yanyun clenched her fists.

“My Hubby wont spare you!”

Hubby cared so much for her.

If he knew what kind of grievances she had been through… with his temper…

“Your Hubby” Rong Xiaoping seemed to have heard some big joke.

“Your Hubby, Rong Linyi Hahahaha… Su Yanyun, I heard that some man outside has taken you in, did he tell you that he was Rong Linyi Did you get scammed by him”

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Su Yanyun sneered arrogantly without fear.

“A market woman like you has your imagination limited by your poverty.”

“Im a market woman” Rong Xiaoping pointed to her nose, her eyebrows upright.

“Im not afraid to tell you just who I am! Su Yanyun, youre the daughter of a ruined family.

Even in your next life, or your next next life, you wont be able to see Rong Linyi!”

“Im sorry” Su Yanyun raised an eyebrow.

“Not only do I see him every day, but Im also pregnant with his baby.

He takes care of me every day.”

“Enough!” Song Zhifei waved his hand impatiently.

“Su Yanyun, someone will help you cure your paranoia! Now, sign the papers right away, else dont blame me for hurting you!”

Su Yanyun looked at the divorce papers in front of her.

She gritted her teeth.

“Let me go after I sign.”


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