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“You cant say that,” Luo Weimin said deliberately, stabbing at her wounds.

“Didnt Zhifei tell you Su Yanyun is now approaching a rich man, and shes even pregnant with his child.

Maybe she wanted to become more respectful along with her child…”

“Pei!” Rong Xiaoping spat.

“Shameless wretch! After eating our Song familys food for three years, the rat not only didnt give birth, it still ran out and conceived a bastard.

If I see her, I will surely hit her until she aborts the bitch in her belly!”


Rong Xiaopings father was Rong Linyis grandfathers brother and was considered a side branch of the Rong family.

But unfortunately, Rong Xiaoping didnt know how to conduct herself in society and after marrying into the Song family, the Song family also quickly fell into dismal.

Therefore, she usually had no place to speak at all in the Rong family.

However, this did not prevent her and Song Zhifei from bringing up their relationship with the Rong family at any time.

Song Zhifei stood up and cleaned his clothes.

“Now is not the time to say these things.” Song Zhifei smiled sinisterly.

“The imperative thing to do now is to ask Su Yanyun to sign a divorce and leave the house, giving us all the inheritance.”

In the process of the Song familys rapid defeat, the Su family had contributed a lot to it.

As the biggest competitors, they had seized too many resources of the Song family.

In the eyes of Song Zhifei, the poor management of the Song family must be blamed on Su Yanyun.

Now was the time for her to pay off her “debt”!

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Luo Weimin also followed Song Zhifei.

She said in a gentle tone, “Zhifei, Im pregnant, so I wont be going with you.”

“Miner, rest assured!” Rong Xiaoping smiled at Luo Weimin.

“Ill go over for you and let that shameless Su Yanyun know how powerful I am! She dared to hit your belly, I will seek justice for you and my grandchild!”

Su Yanyun wouldnt ever expect it.

Wang Tong, who seemed to be kind to her, had long been bought over by Luo Weimin.

She secretly sold her various pieces of information for a long time…

After half an hour.

Outside the palace gate feast, journalists from various media had already gathered.

The news of Rong Linyi dating Cheng Tingxue had long been spreading across the media.

In S City now, as long as there were a camera and a microphone, all the gates of the palace were surrounded and not one drop could trickle through.

When Su Yanyun got there, she only saw the human heads on the inner three floors and the outer three floors, and couldnt even see the gate of the palace gate feast.

“Brother Liu, can you climb up to the roof and give it a try” Su Yanyun asked the photographer.

“We may be able to capture it from this angle.”

“Ill try.” As long as he could take a picture, the photographer said that he would be willing to climb to the moon.

Within the palace gate feast.

In the empty box, Rong Linyi kept his eyes down.

He fiddled with his mobile phone and did not look at the three women sitting opposite him.

“Do you want to be a Daoist” The middle-aged woman sitting directly opposite Rong Linyi looked very similar to him, and even the icy coldness in her eyes was the same.

Just looking at her face, she looked less than forty years old, but her graceful and noble temperament, and her capable and stern look, all showed the generous gifts given to her in all these years…

She rubbed her hands, raised her eyebrows and looked at Rong Linyi.

“Ha, forget it if you are not married or in love, but you dont even eat with us now.”

Rong Linyi didnt look up and only returned her a word.

“Its dirty.”

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“That must not mean me.” A young woman sitting on the left side of Rong Linyi shrugged.

“I am so clean, noble and elegant.

I am spotless…”


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