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With the little woman in his arms, accompanied by bursts of coffee fragrance, Rong Linyi was in a good mood and a little more relaxed.

Aunt Chen was slightly relieved.


Su should move to the room upstairs as soon as possible.

Todays matter started off from the maids, but if Ms.

Su lives in the maids room on the first floor, it would be really easy for misunderstandings to occur.”

Rong Linyi clasped Su Yanyuns waist and answered very lightly, “Now, no one will misunderstand.”

“But…” Aunt Chen wanted to say that the servants room didnt match Su Yanyuns status.

Rong Linyi interrupted her.

“She is pregnant and is not suitable for going up and down the stairs frequently.”

This was why he had asked Aunt Chen to arrange the first-floor room for her.


Shock glazed over in Aunt Chens eyes again.


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Su was pregnant!

So… she had done that with the young master…


Aunt Chen could hardly control her desire to tell Madam!

“Dont talk too much.” Rong Linyis eyes were cold as if he had penetrated Aunt Chens mind.

“Yes.” Aunt Chen bowed her head submissively.

“I will keep these secrets for Young Master and Ms.


“Hubby,” When only Rong Linyi and Su Yanyun were left in the dining room, Su Yanyun couldnt help but catch Rong Linyis neck and whine coquettishly, “why are you so good to me”

Rong Linyis finger was pressed against Su Yanyuns lips.

His voice was cold, but there was a lazy pleasure in it.

“As long as you obey, I can be better.”

The little womans pink lips were like jelly.

The more he looked at them, the more he wanted to bite and taste them…

The food came up one after another.

Rong Linyi never intended to drop Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun didnt dare to move.

Whenever she tried to get up, he would threaten her with his body.

“Be obedient, I can guarantee I wont touch you for now.”

Her body was so sweet and tempting that he couldnt bear to throw it.

Su Yanyuns cheeks were red.

She had a little premonition and a little anticipation for what Rong Linyi wanted to do to her, but she was also… a little nervous and afraid.

After a long time, they waited until a large table was served.

Rong Linyi took the lead in taking a cup of coffee.

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“Hubby, its not good to drink coffee before meals.” Su Yanyun hurriedly discouraged him.

She was really considerate of him.

Unexpectedly, Rong Linyis face sank, and suddenly, Su Yanyun was pushed up, leaving her completely out of his arms.

“Its my habit, dont interfere.”

Su Yanyun was stunned…

She had been lingering for so long and couldnt break out of his arms, but had been “exiled” because of a word of concern.

Boohoo, how could Hubby change face so quickly

She was only thinking of his body.

“Oh yes,” Rong Linyi said again.

He held up the coffee cup and said coldly, “Come to my study after dinner.”

He lifted his head and drank the coffee, which was a bit abrupt and completely different from his usual behavior.

It was like a thirsty person in the desert drinking a cup of nectar…

“Whats this”

In the study, Su Yanyun looked at the thick stack of papers before him.

“Agreement between you and me.” Rong Linyi intertwined his fingers and tilted his head leisurely.


Su Yanyun widened her eyes.

She read the words on the file line by line.

“… Cant call each other husband and wife in public… Cant show intimate behavior in public… Whats this”

“Its what you see.” Rong Linyi waved his hand at will.

“We cant let outsiders know the relationship between us.

As long as you obey, I will spoil you.

I can give you everything you want.”


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