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If not because she knew the truth, Su Yanyun would have been deceived by Rong Linyis curious look.


She didnt expect him to be such a husband!

He, he was actually an actor!

The young maids face reddened, having never been looked at by Young Master Yi before.

She suddenly raised her hand and pointed at Su Yanyun, who was standing not far from Rong Linyi.

“It was her!”

“Me” Su Yanyun couldnt help but point at her own nose.

She was surprised and almost laughed.

Aunt Chen covered her forehead in dismay… So stupid…

She didnt need to protect such a stupid maid.

“Who else” The maid pointed at Su Yanyun with a bit of viciousness in her firm tone.

“The coffee was brought by you.

We all left and you were the only one here.

They can all testify!”

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“You…” Su Yanyun only said a word.

Rong Linyi interrupted her.

“Everyone can testify” He raised his eyebrows and looked at the maids in front of him.

It seemed that they were encouraged by Young Master Yi, and the maids who had just bowed their heads all scrambled to speak.

“Yes, it was her.

I can testify.”

“She is new and she doesnt understand any rules.

Its normal to do something wrong.”

“I think she did it on purpose! Maybe she wanted to attract a little attention in this way”

The maids rushed to speak, looking at Su Yanyun with eyes full of calculations and pride.

She got into trouble just on the first day, so what if she was brought in by Young Master Yi

If it went well, she would be chased out.

If it didnt… she would have to suffer a miserable end for provoking Young Master Yi!

After hearing the maids testimony, Rong Linyi tilted his head and looked at Su Yanyun.

He said with a light tone, “I want to hear what you have to say.”

Su Yanyun was stunned.

She answered anxiously, “I have nothing to say!”

Who was the originator of this incident Didnt her husband know that

Was he teasing her by deliberately asking her

“You really have nothing to say” Rong Linyis expression sank the moment Su Yanyun retorted.

Several maids were proud of themselves and continued to watch the good show.

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“What can I say” Su Yanyun deliberately raised her voice.

“Do I have to say that a cup of coffee is not enough, and I should pour another cup”

Alas, the eyes of several maids looking at Su Yanyun were like they were looking at the dead.

The newborn calf was really not afraid of the tiger.

She was really looking for death by going against Young Master Yi!

Rong Linyi snorted coldly, and the clear tone immediately caused the temperature in the room to plummet.

“Very good, you have courage.” His gaze was like ice, and whoever looked at him felt a chill down her back.

However, Su Yanyun was unruffled.

She wasnt the one who spilled the coffee, anyways.

“My guts dont stop here!” she answered angrily.

If her husband were to act again, she would expose him in public!


However, Rong Linyi didnt speak again.

He suddenly stretched out his long arm, grabbed Su Yanyuns wrist, held her waist, and in the shocked eyes of all the servants, dragged Su Yanyun onto his thigh.

“Really” In the shocked eyes of everyone, his index finger held Su Yanyuns jaw and his thumb rubbed her lip line.

“Then let me see, how much courage do you have”

The little woman kept pouting with a different kind of coquettish expression, making him want to seal her lips and bite her pink face.


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