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Su Yanyuns heart pounded rapidly.

Sister Rong looked impulsive, but she hid a cautious heart under her wild and unruly appearance.

Su Yanyun had never been panicked or afraid of what she would say, but her heart still beat faster on reflex.

Furthermore, she even accidentally found out tonight that she was still “single.”

Rong Jinghui seemed to be angered by Rong Xuelongs arrogant and unrestrained aura.

He stood up from the ground and rushed forward.

In a confrontational manner, he used his height to pressure Rong Xuelong.

“I still say the same thing.

I dont care whose woman she is now or whose child she is pregnant with.

As long as she isnt married, I have the right to pursue her.

I like her!”

“Get lost!” Rong Xuelong said angrily.

“Shes your sister-in-law!”

Strange, quiet, and oppressive…

Su Yanyun could sense the atmosphere.

The color on Rong Jinghuis face faded.

There was disbelief, fear, and doubt in his eyes, but more than that, he was clearly hurt.

“You, youre lying…” His lips moved.

This was the first time Su Yanyun had heard him say this.

This big boys voice was always full of self-righteousness, as if he had nothing to fear in the world.

But at this time, Su Yanyun actually felt weak and sad from his tone.

Rong Xuelong seemed to be shocked by Rong Jinghuis behavior.

Her lips moved and she suddenly moved to Su Yanyuns side.

She pulled her up from the sofa and hugged her shoulders.

“Thats right! Call her sister-in-law!” She raised her hand and pressed Su Yanyuns head down on her shoulder.

“Yanyun is my woman now.

The child in her stomach is mine!”


Su Yanyun and Rong Jinghui cracked at the same time.

What kind of plot was this

“Dont act like you dont believe me.” Rong Xuelong clutched Su Yanyuns waist tightly and showed an intimate attitude.

“Do you know why I never had a boyfriend Thats because Ive always liked women! Yanyun has been hurt by men before and has lost all hope in them.

Only I can calm her injured heart, so we cant be separated!”

Rong Jinghui was tongue-tied.

He was stunned for a long time before stammering.

“Does Big Aunt know”

Rong Xuelong raised her head.

“What do you think”

“Impossible!” Rong Jinghui seemed to be agitated.

“You wont get her blessings!”

“Who said that” Rong Xuelongs skin was thicker than a 10,000-year-old ice.

“True love is between the same sexes.

The union of the opposite sexes is only for reproduction!”

She pointed at Su Yanyuns stomach.

“Do you know Our Yanyun is pregnant with twins.

One baby is mine, and the other is hers.

Ill bring her to Denmark to get married next month.

Give up!”

Rong Jinghuis face was pale and he took a few steps back.

In the end, he placed his only hope on Su Yanyun.

“Is what she said true”

This begging tone almost made Su Yanyun deny it.

But Rong Xuelong immediately pinched her with her nails.

Su Yanyun had a headache.

She could only lower her eyes and respond weakly.

Rong Jinghui took a deep breath, turned around suddenly, and rushed out.

As the door slammed, Su Yanyun looked up at Rong Xuelong, who was standing straight like a bench beside her.

She felt mentally tired.

“Sister, good acting…”


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