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Rong Xuelong… Damn!

She had been tricked!

She was clearly a high-class white lotus flower, so why did she malfunction with Su Yanyun

“You must be like this to trick my stupid brother usually, right” Rong Xuelong gritted her teeth in hatred and pinched Su Yanyuns face.

“Using your tears and your pitiful look.

Damn, Su Yanyun, youre good.

Youre of high status… you even dare to trick me…”

“No, Sister.” Su Yanyun hurriedly begged for mercy.

“I was just being honest.

The baby in my stomach is clearly Hubbys.

Its okay if others doubt it, but youre also suspicious.

How infuriating.”

Rong Xuelong also didnt dare to do anything to Su Yanyun.

She lowered her hand resentfully and slanted her eyes.

“Your performance today was good.

Mommy likes your appearance a lot for some reason.

Tsk… with your looks, youre just targeting our Rong family, right”

Su Yanyun smiled awkwardly.

“I have no choice.

Im more adorable by nature.”

Rong Xuelong almost pinched her face again.

It couldnt be helped, little women just had the urge to be pinched and squashed.

Su Yanyun went to the washroom.

Rong Xuelong pretended to wait for her outside and called Jiang Chengxis trusted assistant.

His trusted assistant knew best what was going on between Su Yanyun and Jiang Chengxi.

She had to ask about something.

However, the other partys phone was switched off when she called.

“Thats not right.” Rong Xuelong frowned.

“Is it time difference It shouldnt be…”

She mumbled and waited outside the washroom for a while, but Su Yanyun still didnt come out.

“Baby Yanyun, have you fallen into a pit” Rong Xuelong walked into the washroom and asked loudly.

The washroom was silent and there was the sound of running water.

However, the door opened and it was another lady.

Rong Xuelong felt a strange silence after greeting her.

“Yanyun!” She yelled again.

A few seconds later, uneasiness rose in her heart.

“Yanyun! Are you there Answer me quickly!”

Rong Xuelong couldnt take it anymore.

She rushed to the empty space and kicked open the doors one by one.

After all the doors were open, Rong Xuelong felt cold sweat forming on her forehead.

No Su Yanyun…


She watched her walk into the female washroom with her own eyes…

And she had always been guarding outside, unless…

Rong Xuelong seemed to have thought of something and rushed out of the female restroom, heading straight for the male restroom opposite.

“Yanyun! Mr.

Jiang, dont hide! Come out!” She ignored the men in the bathroom and barged in.

“F*ck!” The men were so shocked they almost short-circuited.

Rong Xuelong rushed into the restroom and continued kicking the doors.

Some of the doors were locked.

She even ran to the cubicle and stood on the toilet to take a look.

The men inside clutched their key areas tightly in shock.

However, Rong Xuelong had already forgotten any sense of shame.

Her beautiful face was pale.

“No… No… Damn it! Damn it!”

She had already guessed what the other party had done, but she was still a step slower.

The female restroom and the male restroom were opposite.

There was a transitional zone in the middle, less than three meters apart.

The other party had abducted Su Yanyun from the female restroom to the male restroom.

Rong Xuelong, who was standing outside, naturally didnt see Su Yanyun leave.

After that, the other party took Su Yanyun away from the male restroom while she was looking for Su Yanyun in the female restroom.

Rong Xuelong ran towards the parking lot in her eight-centimeter high heels.


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