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“Do you dare!” Rong Xuelong couldnt help but repeat Su Yanyuns words.

Jiang Chengxi… was silent.

No one present knew better than him who the baby in Su Yanyuns stomach belonged to.

He didnt dare to investigate, not because he was afraid that the baby wasnt his, but because he was afraid that in the end… Rong Linyi would know that the baby was his.

That way, it would really be over between Yilin and Rong Linyi.

“Tomorrow, Ill go tomorrow.” The only thing he could do now was delay.

“Its too late today…”

“Want to escape” Rong Xuelong did not have any virtue in her words.

“Jiang Chengxi, youre as cowardly as your mother!”

“Young Master Xi, I have something to advise you.” Madam Rong looked at Jiang Chengxi coldly.

“Whether its in C City or the Chuo Society banquet, you have no right to do anything!”

Jiang Chengxi clenched his fists.

He knew that he couldnt take Su Yanyun away tonight.

After missing out on tonight, it would undoubtedly be much more difficult to capture Su Yanyun with so many bodyguards around her.

He had planned for so long and didnt expect to be ruined by this mother and daughter pair of the Rong family…

“Madam Rong.” His amorous eyes were more terrifying than smiling.

“You can cover the sky with one hand, but you can only do so in C City.

Your hand cant reach North America!”

With that, he turned and left, not forgetting to follow Madam Jiang.

“Whats the point of running away” Rong Xuelong raised her voice and refused to miss a chance to mock him.

Seeing Jiang Chengxi leave, Madam Rong held Su Yanyuns hand and stood up slowly.

She looked around with a dignified gaze.

Her voice was not loud, but it was enough to cover the entire banquet hall.

“Its obvious that someone with ulterior motives plotted against Ms.

Su tonight.

They want to use Ms.

Su and the baby in her stomach to attack Ms.

Sus husband.

I hope the women at the gathering wont believe the rumors and become accomplices of evil.”

With Madam Rongs appearance, several prestigious madams immediately stood on her side.


Su is so beautiful and blessed, how could she be that kind of person”


Sus husbands family must be very impressive to make people so jealous.”


Su, dont let some people affect your mood.

Come, Ill bring you around to get to know people.”

“I think we shouldnt even think of marrying our daughter to a person like Young Master Xi.” A lady didnt forget to add insult to injury.

“Their Jiang family actually wants to do such a dirty thing.

How embarrassing!”

The ladies and heiresses who were watching the commotion and mocking Su Yanyun immediately changed their attitudes and looked as if they wanted to curry favor with her.

This was the first time Su Yanyun had experienced the power of authority so clearly.

Tonight, if it werent for Madam Rongs support, she probably wouldnt have been able to stop Jiang Chengxis kidnapping even if she struggled.

But Madam Rong had only given her a little support, and Jiang Chengxi actually fled in defeat…

This was the first time Su Yanyun clearly felt the difference between the Jiang and Rong families.

“Thank you, Madam.” Su Yanyun thanked Madam Rong.

She had always been worried that her mother-in-law would be unkind, but she didnt expect her to be so good to her on their first meeting without knowing anything.

Madam Rong smiled slightly.

“Youre very smart.”

She got up and when she passed Rong Xuelong, she said softly in a voice only her daughter could hear, “What a pity…”


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