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Su Yanyun swore that this was the first time she had seen this man.

He was about 1.8 meters tall, but because of his thin figure, he seemed exceptionally tall.

Although he was thin, he seemed especially strong.

He had a sharp chin and a pair of large eyes.

He looked crafty and gloomy, and his eyes were indeed filled with emotions.

At first glance, he looked quite strange.

But it was precisely because he was so thin, strong, heartless, and affectionate that the sharpness and roundness mixed within him made him seem very eye-catching and moving.

If Su Yanyun had seen him a few months ago, she might have been stunned by his appearance.

But… ever since she saw her husbands stunning beauty, Su Yanyun was already completely immune to other handsome men.

No matter how handsome he was, could he be more handsome than her husband

No matter how good his figure was, could he compare to her husband

No matter how much money he had… it couldnt compare to her husband.

The man was also sizing Su Yanyun up.

He couldnt conceal his surprise in his amorous eyes, as if he didnt expect Su Yanyun to be so beautiful and pure.

The young man looked at the man with doubt.


Su is your…”

“Of course not.”

“Of course.”

Su Yanyun and the mans words sounded at the same time.

She was stunned and looked at the mans face again.

He gave her a graceful smile.

He suddenly reached out his arm and pulled Su Yanyun over.

He placed her shoulder against his chest and looked at Madam Cheng.

“Ill answer Madam Chengs words on behalf of Yanyun.

The child in her stomach is mine, Jiang Chengxis.”

Jiang Chengxi

He was the young master of the Jiang family who shared the gossip with Rong Jinghui

Su Yanyun immediately thought of Rong Xuelongs words.

Those with the surname Jiang were all bad people.

She wanted to struggle and push away the man beside her, but Jiang Chengxis big palms held her shoulders tightly.

His tone was gentle and caring.

“Yanyun, dont be shy, dont be afraid.

Im here if others bully you.”

Seeing that Su Yanyun turned a deaf ear and was still trying to break free from his arm, he suddenly lowered his head and whispered in her ear in a voice only the two of them could hear.


Su, do you still remember the parcel you received”

Su Yanyun froze.

It was him!

Jiang Chengxi was the person who sent her the parcel!

Her mothers things were all in his hands!

She raised her head and looked at the man with wariness and hostility.

The man was also looking down at her.

His amorous eyes were filled with a doting expression, but underneath the gentleness on the surface was a glint of malice and hatred.

“Since, since shes Young Master Xis…” Madam Cheng smiled fakely.” Since shes Young Master Xis woman, then it really is a misunderstanding.

Cheng Tingxue and Su Menghe looked at Su Yanyun with jealousy.

When did this woman get so lucky

It was not enough to gain Rong Linyis favor, she even hooked up with Jiang Chengxi.

One had to know that Jiang Chengxi had always adhered to the principle of never touching clothes despite being surrounded by a myriad of women.

Although he never lacked women around him, he had never acknowledged any woman from beginning to end.

But now, he actually said that… Su Yanyun was his woman and that she was pregnant with his child!

Su Menghe gritted her teeth in hatred.

She didnt know Rong Linyi and had no interactions with Jiang Chengxi.

What she saw was Su Yanyun always surrounded by extraordinary men.

Every one of those men was what she had dreamed of, and they were all so handsome.

Everyones surname was Su, so how was she worse than Su Yanyun!

She, Su Menghe, was the real daughter of the Su family!


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