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The other party knew that this belonged to her mother!

In other words, the other party knew that these things were from the Shi family.

And from the looks of it, this persons background and power were not much less than the Rong family.

At least, Rong Linyi and the police temporarily couldnt find out where these things went…

Su Yanyun knew that the other party would definitely contact her again.

He had sent back two pieces of jewelry as nothing but bait.


She sneered.

She wanted to see what the other partys scheme was and what he was up to.

She thought for a while and still knocked on Rong Xuelongs office door.

Rong Linyi was overseas now, and telling him these things would not quench his thirst.

Su Yanyun understood that she was still “weak” and had to make friends with all the allies she could.

And Sister Rong was undoubtedly the best ally.

“This is a little strange.” Rong Xuelong looked at the pair of jade earrings.

“Speaking of which, your mother only lost jewelry”

Su Yanyun had to admit that Sister Rong was a powerful person.

She reached the core of the problem with one sentence.

“It doesnt matter if its just jewelry.” Anyway, her husband could buy it for her again.

“The important thing is that theres a token of Father and Mothers love inside.

Before Father left, he kept repeating to me to take good care of it.”

Su Yanyun was very upset.

“When Mother met with an accident and the Su family was in such a state, I really didnt have a choice.

Although Grandpa doesnt like Mother, I really didnt expect him to disregard his family ties and do such a thing.”

“Your grandfather is indeed an oddity.” Rong Xuelong frowned.

“However, I guess that the person holding your batch of items is probably not simple.”

Su Yanyun agreed with Rong Xuelongs words.

The police had already checked on everyone in the Shi family.

But all of them, including the Old Master, insisted that they hadnt touched the suitcase.

When Su Yanyun received the suitcase, the passcode lock was indeed accurate.

Although the things in the suitcase had been notarized, she had to compensate for the loss.

But the Shi family simply couldnt take out the money to compensate.

Furthermore, even if the court ruled and enforced it, it didnt have any actual meaning.

What Su Yanyun wanted to protect was only her parents token of love…

“Lets wait.” Unexpectedly, Rong Xuelong had the same opinion as Su Yanyun.

“Lets see what the other party is up to.

We dont have to alert the police for the time being.

Lets observe the other partys intentions first.”

Not long later, when the “enemy” hiding in the dark revealed his true colors, Su Yanyun was relieved that she had the foresight to choose Rong Xuelong as an ally…

After lunch, Su Yanyun arrived at her mothers hospital room on time.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, ever since the doctor told her that her mother had the possibility of waking up, Su Yanyun always felt that her mother looked better.

She gave her mother a massage and chatted with her for a while.

She even read some current news.

As she was resting, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Su Yanyun said.

The doctors and nurses wouldnt knock, so it had to be someone else.

As expected, He Xiaoqin pushed open the door and entered.

“Yanyun, am I disturbing you” She had a friendly smile on her face.

Coupled with her delicate face, she looked very harmless.

“No, whats the matter”

After talking to He Xiaoqin that day, the two of them met in the hospital often and were considered familiar with each other.

Su Yanyun was very grateful to He Xiaoqins brother, but she really didnt like He Xiaoqin…


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