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“Young Master, dont… be rash.” Aunt Chen was shocked by the determination and anger in Rong Linyis voice.

“Ill go and call Madam Yi immediately.

Dont be rash, you cant come back… It wont be good for Madam if she knows.”

She hurriedly walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

“Aunt Chen, whats the matter” Su Yanyun opened the door with a towel wrapped around her.

“Madam Yi, please tell Young Master.” Aunt Chen clutched her phone and begged.

“Young Master is about to go crazy because of you.

Dont anger him.

Ive never seen him care so much about someone.

Hes angry because of you and will do anything.”

Su Yanyun felt wronged.

“How would I dare to anger him He was the one who angered me.

He had a strange woman over there and still hid it from me! He refused to admit it no matter what.” Su Yanyun scoffed.

Despite those words, she still took the phone.

Aunt Chens heart pounded rapidly.

Strange woman… He wouldnt be so unlucky right

Young Master had just gone there and Jiang Yilin already went to find him And of all things, this was discovered by Su Yanyun

Su Yanyun took the phone and there was silence on the other end.

Su Yanyun was also silent.

Rong Linyi did not say anything and she would not take the initiative to speak.

After a long time, she finally mumbled.

“Ill hang up if you dont want to talk.

Who wants to waste the international long-distance chat fees with you”

“Because I was afraid you would be like this.” Rong Linyi suddenly blurted out, his tone cold and stiff.

“What” Su Yanyun didnt react.

“You asked me what I was afraid of and why I didnt tell you.” Rong Linyi explained coldly.

“I was just afraid that you would be like this.”

Im afraid youll misunderstand and be angry.

Su Yanyun was amused and angry.

“What a joke.

If you didnt do anything wrong to me, why would I be angry with you! Am I such an unreasonable person Im just curious who would address you so intimately.

Even if you have a friend of the opposite sex, I wont be angry, okay”

“What do you mean You wont be angry even if Im with other women” Rong Linyis tone was even colder.

“I…” Su Yanyun was at a loss for words.” Thats not what I meant! ”

“Then what do you mean”

“What I mean is… its okay if you have female friends, but you cant like her and be too intimate with her.

As long as you dont go overboard, I wont be angry.”

“So, you were jealous just now” Rong Linyis tone suddenly changed.

Su Yanyun: “…Yes, Im jealous!”

Are you satisfied now

“Okay, lets go back now and turn on the video.”

Rong Linyi ordered stiffly.

“I, I want to bathe immediately.

I already took off my clothes.” Su Yanyun rejected him outright.

The other end of the line was silent for two seconds before Rong Linyis hoarse voice sounded.

“Then move the laptop to the bathroom and video call me while showering…”

Su Yanyun said, “No.”

She blushed.


Go quickly, baby.” Rong Linyi coaxed.

“You angered me just now, you have to apologize to me.”

“Who angered who!” Su Yanyun was angry.

“Hurry, Ive stopped everything and am waiting to video call you.

Hurry, I miss you, baby…” Rong Linyis voice was magnetic to the point that hearing it almost impregnanted her ears.

“Then… wait a while.”

Su Yanyun returned the phone to Aunt Chen with a red face.

“Thank you, Aunt Chen.

Were fine… Ill go out for a while…” She felt so ashamed at the thought of bringing the computer over.

Hubby was too evil!


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