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Rong Linyis gaze fell on Jiang Yilins left wrist.

It was still wrapped in thick gauze.

He remembered what Jiang Chengxi had said the last time: Yilin had attempted suicide and contracted depression because she was alone in a foreign land…

“Its almost dawn, lets have breakfast together.” Rong Linyi suggested.

His words made Jiang Yilins eyes glow with hope and joy.

She knew it.

How could Yi possibly not love her

She was the only woman he was willing to get close to and the only girlfriend he had ever acknowledged.

How could he possibly forget her

However, Jiang Yilins joy did not last long.

Because Rong Linyi suddenly thought of something.

“Forget it, I still have something on.

Lets meet again after Im done.”

He had said that he would video call his woman at seven.

He could not waste time on Jiang Yilin.

“But, Yi, you still have to eat breakfast, right” Jiang Yilin did not want to give up this opportunity.

Rong Linyis expression turned cold again.

“Dont worry, Ill ask you out.”

Before that, he did not want to have anything to do with her.

He suddenly realized that he did not even want to say another word to Jiang Yilin.

He did not even want to look at her or stay with her for a second.

But… there were still some things that needed to be settled with her.

“Yi…” Jiang Yilin panicked and wanted to stop him.

However, Jiang Tong suddenly stood in front of her.


Jiang, Im sorry.

Young Master Yi still has important matters to attend to.

Hell definitely contact you when hes free.

Dont worry.”

Jiang Tong only came to Rong Linyis side to work after Jiang Yilin left.

Thus, Jiang Yilin was unfamiliar to her and she did not believe that his words could represent Rong Linyis intentions.

She was a little angry and was about to question Jiang Tong when she realized that Rong Linyi had already taken the opportunity to leave with his bodyguards surrounding him.

Jiang Tong finished his task and immediately followed.

“Yi… why” Jiang Yilin cried.

If it were three years ago, he would have definitely stopped and turned around to stay beside her if she called him so pitifully.

However, this time, Rong Linyi did not look back.

He did not even pause before he disappeared from Jiang Yilins vision.

At seven in the evening, Su Yanyun returned to the Lin River Courtyard and turned on her computer as promised.

“Hi, Hubby, have you reached the hotel” Su Yanyun observed the background behind Rong Linyi.

“Its my property here.” Rong Linyi had just bathed and was wearing a black nightgown.

His chest was exposed through the open collar, and his wet hair was combed to the back of his head, revealing his smooth forehead.

It made him look even more handsome and tall.

He leaned lazily on the sofa and beckoned with his finger.

“Sit closer, baby.”

Su Yanyun leaned in obediently until her nose was almost touching the computer screen.

Rong Linyi saw her big black eyes moving on the screen like a curious little animal and felt his heart soften.

“What are you looking at” He also lowered his head and almost touched Su Yanyuns forehead.

“To see if you have any women around you.” Su Yanyuns face was blank, but her words were lethal.

Rong Linyis expression froze for a second before it darkened.

“Dont talk nonsense.”

“But, I heard a woman call you before, call you… Yi! Wow, she called you so intimately.

Ive never called you like that before!” Su Yanyun pointed a finger with a gossipy expression.


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