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“What” Madam Rong looked at Rong Xuelong curiously.

Rong Xuelong jolted awake and immediately held her tongue.

She smiled with her usual cynical smile.

“I said, marriage is nothing.

Im already letting him down by not letting him become a father…”

“Stop fooling around.” Madam Rong had a headache.

“You have to think of a way to clean up the mess you created.

The problem now is where are you going to find a wife for your brother.”

“Its easy to find a wife for him.

The women in C City are waiting in line.” Rong Xuelongs words were improper.

“The important thing is that he doesnt despise them.” Madam Rong pointed out the main point of the problem.

“Speaking of which, what do you think… of Xiaoqin”

Rong Xuelong was shocked.

“Xiaoqin, which Xiaoqin That scheming bitch, He Xiaoqin”

Madam Rong couldnt help but roll her eyes at her daughter.

“You should watch your mouth.”

“Did I say anything wrong” Rong Xuelong turned around and sat beside Madam Rong.

“Mother, you should know better than me what kind of person He Xiaoqin is, right”

Madam Rong remained silent.

She had braved all sorts of storms in her life and seen all kinds of people.

“Im not blind.” Madam Rong said solemnly.

“But Xiaoqin has her strengths.

She can keep calm, endure grievances, be patient, plan, and know when to retreat.”

“Tsk, tsk.” Rong Xuelong rolled her eyes.

“You make the scheming sound so good.

Mother, you are indeed a businessman.”

“My daughter-in-law has to be scheming!” Madam Rong said sternly.

“With the Rong familys situation, they cant afford to raise a little white rabbit.

Id rather her be selfish, scheming, and calculative than be stupid and sweet.

If someone plots against her and she cant protect herself, she will end up dragging Linyi down.”

“Then have you considered what brother wants Does he want such a woman” Rong Xuelong also raised her voice.

Madam Rong waved her hand.

“He doesnt want a woman at all, so I dont have to be considerate.

Anyway, the person our family wants isnt his wife, but a daughter-in-law.”

“Brother… he once wanted to marry Jiang Yilin.” Rong Xuelongs expression was dark.

“Shes also very scheming.”

Madam Rong sneered.

“Theres a limit to how scheming she can be.

Once shes married, shes family.

I definitely wont allow a woman like Jiang Yilin who even wants to scheme against her own family to come in and harm our family.”

Rong Xuelong was silent for a moment before suddenly hugging Madam Rong.

“Mommy, thank you.” She said softly with a rare hint of sadness in her voice.

“Thank you for always loving me like you love brother.”

Madam Rong smiled and stroked her daughters hair.

“In Mommys heart, you and Linyi are both equally important.”

“Actually, Linyi should hate me.

I was the one who separated him and Jiang Yilin, but it was you who took the blame.

I caused your relationship with him to be so terrible.” Rong Xuelong leaned on Madam Rong.

“Mother, Im sorry…”

Sorry… This family was bad enough.

But she made it worse…

It was because of this that she could only do her best to protect it in her own way.

She would fight it out with whoever wanted to break up her family…

“With us around, no one can touch our family, right” Madam Rong patted her daughters shoulder.

“So, I will guard Linyis position as the family head.” Rong Xuelongs eyes were firm.

“I wont let it fall into the hands of others!”


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