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Su Yanyun was speechless…

“Boss, this… do we still publish this”

“Publish!” Rong Xuelong widened her eyes.

“Why wont we publish it This is exclusive news! If it were anyone else, they wouldnt have been able to expose this brats marriage certificate.

Youre still the best… Youve succeeded!”

Su Yanyun kindly reminded Rong Xuelong.

“Because this is also my marriage certificate.”

“Yes.” Rong Xuelong chuckled.

“Look at how happy I am.

You can deal with Wang Tong however you want.

Have fun.”

Su Yanyun could only sigh at the mention of that.

She told Rong Xuelong about how Wang Tong had tried to push her down the stairs and ended up being beaten up by Rong Jinghui.

“Oh haha ~” Queen Rong Xuelong chuckled thrice again.

“As expected of Jing Huis style, hes as fierce as usual.

Well fought! But—how did you know Jing Hui”

Su Yanyun was numb.

“We just got to know each other casually… Oh right, Boss, can the marriage certificate be censored”

“Of course I can.” Rong Xuelong was unexpectedly easy to talk to.

“Ill mosaic your name and photo.

Hehehe… Its so fun.

I cant wait to see their expressions.”

An hour later.

The C Citys news industry welcomed the biggest news of the year.

This unknown small media company, Orange Day, had actually exposed the marriage certificate of the C Citys leading aristocrat— the Rong familys young member, Rong Linyi!

The document was covered in a thick mosaic, and only Rong Linyis name was visible to everyone.

“This, this is impossible!” He Xiaoqin shattered the glass in her hand in shock.

“Married How is that possible” In the hospital, Cheng Tingxue also screamed and threw things on the ground.

“Marriage… Certificate Get someone to check immediately and see if its photoshopped.” Jiang Chengxi clenched his fists and thought for a moment before calling Rong Xuelong.

“Rong Xuelong, what are you doing” Jiang Chengxi questioned fiercely.

“Do you still think that you havent hurt Yilin enough”

“Im busy.

I dont have time to care about you.

Get lost!” Rong Xuelong sent Jiang Chengxi away with a sentence and hung up.

Her phone was about to explode from calls, okay

The Rong family, their friends and old acquaintances in the business world all called to verify the truth.

“Let them guess.” Rong Xuelong sneered.

“If I push them too far, Ill expose Su Yanyuns pregnancy.

Who cares whose child it is…”

At night, Rong Xuelong had just walked into the house when she found Madam Rong sitting on the sofa.

It seemed like she had been waiting for her for a long time.

“Explain.” Madam Rong pointed to the tablet computer on the table.

On the screen was the photo of the red internet wedding certificate.

Rong Xuelong smiled and walked towards Madam Rong slowly.

“Mother, do I still need to explain this” She hugged Madam Rongs neck from behind the sofa and leaned on her.

“In Seconds family, the daughter-in-law is pregnant and theyre all arrogant as if the Rong family is going to become their world.

They kept saying behind our backs that Linyi is a monk and that Firsts branch is going to die.

They even said that even if Linyi is the next family head now, without marriage or children, he will have to give up his position sooner or later… Hmph! Ill let them say it.

Lets see what they have to say now!”

Madam Rong sighed.

“Xuelong, Mother knows that youre doing this for the good of our family, but a fake is a fake.

Forget being exposed by Second and the rest , if your brother comes back and knows that hesmarried, will he spare you”

Rong Xuelongs eyes suddenly flickered when she heard that.

“Mother… what if…”


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