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Rong Linyi sneered.

“You can return to Madams side once you quit.

Just give an accurate report of what happened here.”

What happened here… That included Su Yanyuns existence.

Aunt Chen panicked.

“Young Master, I dont dare to.”

“Throw away all the furniture in this room!” Rong Linyi pulled Su Yanyun to the door.

“Refurnish the whole restroom!”

At the thought of such a disgusting woman having lied on his bedroom before, Rong Linyi almost went crazy.

“Nothing like this is to ever happen again!” His expression was cold.

“Yes,” Aunt Chen replied fearfully, feeling a sort of fortune after the calamity.

She looked at Rong Linyis back view and suddenly thought of something.

She mustered her courage and asked, “Young Master, which room are you going to stay in next”

“You dont have to worry about that,” Rong Linyi replied coldly.

“Just do your part.”

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Su Yanyun was dragged by Rong Linyi down the stairs.

In the darkness, she almost couldnt keep up to his footsteps and bumped dumbly on his arm.

“Hubby, walk slower…”

Her voice revealed her fear and dissatisfaction.

Complemented with her originally soft and gentle intonation, it sounded like a soft cake matched with an under-ripe sour fruit.

It was a contrast, but it was more of a challenge to the taste buds.

Rong Linyi stood up fiercely and let Su Yanyun fall on his back.

“Why did you come of your own accord” His tone sounded like he was on the verge of a ruthless explosion.

The living room was dim.

The air conditioning in the middle of the room whooshed and Su Yanyun touched her arms.

A woman at her initial stage of pregnancy was especially afraid of the cold, so she inexplicably yearned for Rong Linyis expansive embrace.

But, Hubby was angry… very angry…

So he didnt open his embrace to her.

Su Yanyun didnt understand why he was angry.

She could only hug her arms and explain herself weakly.

“Its so dark… I couldnt find you…”

When she had woken up, she was alone.

The whole room was big and empty, dim yet cold.

She could only search for him room by room, searching for the man who had protected her and been warm to her in her “memory”.

However, every room had been locked.

Until a room on the third floor, she turned the doorknob…

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Su Yanyun should actually thank Cheng Tingxue because she had entered arrogantly and had forgotten to lock the door.

“Hubby.” Thinking of the scene she saw, Su Yanyuns heart felt sour.

“If I hadnt entered, would you have…”

With that woman…

“No.” Rong Linyi didnt wait for Su Yanyun to finish talking and said firmly.

“Really” Su Yanyuns eyes glistened with hope.

She reached out her hand towards Rong Linyi.

She was actually really easy to pacify and would give everything in exchange for a few sweet words.

However, she still didnt touch Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi waved her away.

“Dont touch me, youre dirty!”

The living room was dim, but Su Yanyun could still distinguish the disgust on his face, and his vile tone was even more obvious.

“Hubby…” Crystal tears formed in her eyes and Su Yanyun felt so wronged that her heart hurt painfully.

Hubby actually despised her for being dirty…

Where was she dirty

She had been married to him for so long, and he had only touched her once.

“Im not saying that youre dirty.” Rong Linyis gaze was still cold, but he at least gave her an explanation.

“Its my hand that is dirty.”

He raised his hand that Cheng Tingxue had grabbed just now.


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