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He Xiaoqin took Su Yanyuns reporters certificate and entered the elevator with mixed feelings.

She saw Rong Jinghuis attitude towards Su Yanyun and felt as if a thorn had stabbed into her heart.

It was true that with Rong Linyi around, it was very difficult for her to like others.

Even Rong Jinhui, whose looks and background were not much lower than Rong Linyis, could not match up.

However, that did not mean that she did not care about Rong Jinghuis attitude towards her.

She knew that Rong Jinghui usually only had a slightly better attitude towards Madam Rong and Rong Xuelong.

He even had a cold and disdainful expression towards his own mother.

But his protection of Su Yanyun just now was unprecedented.

Wang Tong had begged Luo Weimin before, and Luo Weimin had begged Rong Xiaoping.

They then finally managed to request for Deputy Manager Lius help.

Vice Director Liu just happened to have a good relationship with He Xiaoqin.

He originally wanted Wang Tong to interview Young Master Yis “god sister” and bring her interview back to report in exchange.

He Xiaoqin usually found it difficult to even see Rong Linyi once.

But she was very happy to be called Young Master Yis “god sister”.

Feeling vain, she happily agreed to Wang Tongs interview.

Unexpectedly, Su Yanyun came out of nowhere and even brought an evil star like Rong Jinghui, making her lose face in front of an outsider like Wang Tong.

Although He Xiaoqin was smiling, she already hated Su Yanyun.

She did not usually have the right to go upstairs to see Rong Linyi.

However today, Madam Rong specially let her handle Rong Linyis work for the next month he would be gone to make up for not being able to let her go to North America with him.

He Xiaoqin thought that she finally had a chance to be alone with Rong Linyi today.

Unexpectedly, after coming up, Jiang Tong sent her away with a bunch of tasks with “ulterior motives”.

She had taken the initiative to help Su Yanyun “report” earlier just to borrow Rong Jinghuis name to go up and see Rong Linyi again.

Anyway, Brother Yi would never accept anyones interview.

That female reporter called Su Yanyun could not possibly think that she could set her eyes on Brother Yi just because she had connections with Third Young Master Rong!

He Xiaoqin came to Rong Linyis private area and was about to walk forward when Jiang Tong walked out like a gate deity.


He.” Jiang Tong smiled politely.

“Thank you for coming to help today.

Bosss matter is almost settled.” He said and glanced at his watch.

“Okay, its been tough on you.

Hes going to the airport soon, and its almost noon.

Go and have lunch quickly.”

He Xiaoqin cursed in her heart.

Jiang Tong sounded polite, but how could she not know that he was chasing her away

From the morning until now, she had only glanced at Rong Linyi once and was “chased” away by Jiang Tong without a word.

He said that he wanted to thank her for her help, but he actually did not let her come into contact with any handover matters.

Wasnt this kind of word a form of mockery

He Xiaoqin was enraged and swore to herself that the first thing she would do after becoming Madam Yi was to teach Jiang Tong a lesson!

But now was not the time to fall out with Jiang Tong.

He Xiaoqin smiled perfectly.

“Assistant Jiang, I was entrusted by someone to come.

Jinghui has something important to tell Brother Yi.”

Once Rong Linyi left, she would not be able to see him for a month…

In the past, she could still borrow his name to see her brother.

Thus, He Xiaoqin planned in her heart that she would have lunch with Rong Linyi at noon today.

Jiang Tong was about to decline when the office door closed and Rong Linyis footsteps were heard.


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