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Su Yanyun was playing chess with the Duke of Zhou in her dream.

She heard her husbands familiar voice and obediently stopped moving.

Rong Linyi exhaled a breath of air and hugged Su Yanyun.

He casually took off his bathrobe and sat at the side.

He wrapped Su Yanyun up and carefully wiped the water on her body.

Su Yanyun laid on Rong Linyis arm in a comfortable position and let him wipe her body.

To be honest, she was already used to being “harassed” by her husband in her sleep.

Rong Linyis breathing echoed in the bathroom.

Water droplets rolled down her jade-like skin and landed in front of Rong Linyi.

He actually had a thought of licking all the water droplets off with the tip of his tongue.

When he came to his senses, his kiss had already landed on a moist area on his skin.

Su Yanyun was not used to the sudden change in position.

She subconsciously pushed Rong Linyi and mumbled in her sleep, “Dont… be sleepy… Im at work…”

Rong Linyi could only smile wryly.

This woman was really heartless.

He stood up and Su Yanyun opened her eyes.

Rong Linyi thought she was awake and was surprised.

Unexpectedly, Su Yanyun only glanced at Rong Linyi with sleepy eyes.

She mumbled something and turned around to continue sleeping.

This time, she almost fell out of his embrace.

Rong Linyi was shocked and hurriedly hugged Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun also took the opportunity to hug Rong Linyi.

The bathrobe landed on the ground and the two of them faced each other sincerely.

Rong Linyis eyes were wild.

It was as if he wanted to consume the woman in his arms.

“Little girl…” He didnt care that they were still in the bathroom and lowered his head to plant a passionate kiss on her.

Su Yanyun was very unhappy to be nibbled on in her sleep.

She turned around with a frown.

“Im sleepy…”

“Dont be sleepy.

Wake up and look at me, Su Yanyun.” Rong Linyi pinched Su Yanyuns chin and continued to bite her lips.

“Erm… no…” Su Yanyun covered her cheeks habitually, but her eyes were still closed.

She looked as if she would bawl if someone didnt let her sleep quietly.

Rong Linyi ignored her resistance and carried her back to the bedroom.

He placed Su Yanyun on the bed and turned to open the drawer.

It was his first time using such a thing, so Rong Linyi didnt know what to do.

After settling it, he turned to look for Su Yanyun but saw that the little woman was wrapped like a dumpling, from head to toe like a silkworm.

“Su Yanyun!” Rong Linyi was enraged.

He tore open the blanket and shook the woman out of the cocoon.

“Ah!” Su Yanyun, who was still asleep, was jolted awake.

She screamed in shock and opened her eyes.

Her eyes finally adjusted to the light and she struggled to focus before she could see her enraged husband clearly.

Su Yanyun placed her hand on her chest and panted in shock.

“H-Hubby… whats wrong…”

She had just fallen into a deep sleep and was suddenly woken up.

She didnt even know where she was.

Rong Linyi saw her confused and panicked expression and suddenly realized that he had frightened her.

“Its okay.” His tone softened.

He pulled the blanket and covered Su Yanyun again.


She didnt mean to disappoint him, but she was just too tired and sleepy.

“Hubby…” Su Yanyun finally came to her senses and looked at him…


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