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That day, when Luo Weimin tried her best to show off in front of Su Yanyun.

Song Zhifei coincidentally received a project.

Speaking of which, since Rong Linyi got Jiang Tong to take good care of the Song family, the Song family hadnt found a partner for a long time.

Thus, Song Zhifei felt as if he had found a treasure and was prepared to invest immediately.

The Song familys company had already been incurring losses continuously.

If Song Zhifei wanted to invest, he could only borrow from the bank.

It was at this time that he realized he was missing a card.

He checked and found that Luo Weimin had taken 1.2 million from his card.

If it was in the past, 1.2 million was nothing to Young Master Song.

But now, at the thought of the Song family facing all sorts of dangers and Luo Weimin still taking drastic measures, Song Zhifei was enraged.

He and Luo Weimin didnt have any real feelings for each other.

Their relationship was completely built on his schemes against Su Yanyun.

Thinking of how arrogant Luo Weimin had been recently and how she kept forcing a marriage with the child in her stomach, Song Zhifei was enraged and called the police without a second thought.

That was how Luo Weimin was taken away by the police.

But Song Zhifei never would have thought that the piece of meat that fell from the sky that day was thrown down by Rong Linyi…

Rong Linyi had long guessed that if a project wasnt thrown at Song Zhifei, how would he have the spare money to buy a woman a bag

How dare she compete with his woman She should take a look at her own capabilities.

Of course, the fact that Luo Weimin would steal the card and Song Zhifei would call the police was already an unexpected surprise.

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Now, Luo Weimin was locked up at home under the pretense of nursing her pregnancy, but she was actually under house arrest.

She was at home now and delusionally believed that her current situation was all planned by Su Yanyun.

After receiving Wang Tongs call for help, Luo Weimin looked even more crazy.

“Is the financier very rich and handsome” She gritted her teeth and said, “Isnt that simple Just find an opportunity to push her to the ground and let her miscarry.

Without the bastard in her stomach, will the financier who looked for her to be a surrogate still take a fancy to her”

“But…” Wang Tong hesitated.” She has people around her usually, so its not convenient for me to do anything.

If she was caught, with that financiers methods…

“Dont you know what to do when theres no one around” Luo Weimin guided patiently.

“Its okay, Wang Tong.

As long as you let her miscarry, Ill let you work in the Song familys company.

Its better than that lousy media company of yours.

With my connections, you can easily get a position as a department director.”

Department director…

Luo Weimins words gave Wang Tong a boost.

Su Yanyun was already the editor-in-chief.

If she remained in Orange Day, wouldnt she forever be under her

As long as Su Yanyun miscarried, she could go to the Song familys company and mess with Su Yanyun.

She could then have a better career.

Wang Tong made up her mind in a few seconds.

“Okay! Ill find a chance to do it.

You have to keep your word!”

At night, in the Rong familys house.

Madam Rong looked at her son, who rarely returned home, and felt a little relieved.

“I was going to ask your sister to come back and let our family reunite, but I heard that she recently acquired a small company and is preparing a treat today.” Madam Rong looked at the dishes that were served one after another.

“I especially got the kitchen to make these.

You like them.”

Rong Linyi nodded slightly.

It had been a long time since he faced his mother so calmly.

The atmosphere between mother and son was also very harmonious.

What he didnt expect was…


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