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Cheng Tingxue sat up suddenly on the bed.

Along with Rong Linyi, they looked at the dainty and pleasant little woman at the door.

Su Yanyun hugged a pillow, still wearing the lacy one-piece and a pair of pink sandals.

Her soft hair hung gently on her shoulders, covering half of her little face.

Her big, black eyes shone with a sort of wronged and fearful luster.

She probably slept enough.

She pouted her tiny mouth that was like a dark red shining cherry.

Her pinkish little face was pampered and bright.

Even Cheng Tingxue, who had seen plenty of gorgeous stars and who also flaunted herself as a beauty, was stunned by her fresh and graceful appearance.

“You…” She pointed at Su Yanyun.

Where did this woman come out from

Why was she here

Didnt Madam Rong say that besides the middle-aged woman with the surname Chen, even the swans here were male

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Before Cheng Tingxues words even left her mouth.

Su Yanyun had already widened her eyes in shock.

The ignorance in her eyes just now had left completely and was replaced by a deep sense of doubt and anguish.

“Who are you Why are you here Why are you with my hubby” She questioned and looked at Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi had just bathed.

His hair was still wet and had been combed to the back of his head.

Her hubby was wearing a bathrobe, and this beautiful woman wearing only her pajamas was in the same room.

Even if they werent lying together, it was enough to make peoples thoughts wander.

Su Yanyun felt so wronged she wanted to cry.

Her tone was interrogative and also depressed.

“Hubby, what is this You have to give me an explanation!”

Rong Linyi only looked at Su Yanyun with dark eyes.

Besides the usual coldness in his eyes, a sense of agitation and gloominess was also hidden inside.

Su Yanyun didnt get an answer.

She threw a pillow towards Rong Linyi, both disappointed and heartbroken.


“How could you! Hubby, how could you!” She choked.

Rong Linyi blocked the pillow and reached out to bring Su Yanyun into his embrace.

Su Yanyun struggled, hitting Rong Linyis chest with her pinkish fists.

“Let go of me! You have to explain yourself first!”

“Ha! What have I seen” Cheng Tingxue got off the bed.

She stood with her chest out and looked provocatively at Su Yanyun.

“This prostitute that came from nowhere, how dare you pretend to be Young Master Yis woman Is the wordhubby something you can call”

This mistress was calling her a prostitute

Su Yanyun was about to explode.

Before she could even take a step, Rong Linyi grabbed her and sent her tightly into his embrace.

He pressed down the angry little woman and looked at Cheng Tingxue as if she was overdue food.

“If she cant call me hubby…”

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Cheng Tingxue couldnt even be arrogant for a second.

Rong Linyis despise and loathe already blurted out.

“…do you think you can”


If I cant, do you think you can” Su Yanyun questioned righteously.

“You…” Cheng Tingxue was tongue-tied at Rong Linyis and Su Yanyuns tones.

Especially Su Yanyun, she looked to be of unknown origin and was without reputation, but she was still protected by Rong Linyi in his embrace.

“Young Master Yi, this woman is so repulsive and is a prostitute from nowhere, how could she compare to me”

Cheng Tingxue simply couldnt understand how her beauty couldnt compare to this lowly woman in Rong Linyis embrace.


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