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In the world centre, on the third floor.

It specialized in all sorts of exquisite female outfits.

When Rong Linyi led Su Yanyun up, Jiang Tong had already instructed the mall to be fully cleaned.

The smell of disinfectant was still lingering in the air.

The entire floor had been cleared.

Young Master Yi would go shopping once every 10,000 years, and each shopping trip would cause an earthquake.

“Welcome, Sir and Miss.”

At the entrance of the store, all the employees stood with smiles on their faces.

Regardless of whether Rong Linyi or Su Yanyun entered, they all bowed with sweet smiles.

Everyone knew that this was an important guest, a super important guest.

They just couldnt guess who the esteemed guest was.

They were a match made in heaven, and the experienced sales assistant was left speechless.

“Bring out the sexiest clothes in your store.” When they finally chose a store,Rong Linyis words made Su Yanyun almost rub her ears.



She didnt hear it wrongly, right

Thats right!


Rong Linyi chose this store out of thousands of stores.

Its overall style was very mature and flirtatious.

The staff heard Rong Linyis request and didnt dare to delay.

She immediately found several sets of sexy and sweet clothes.

A while later, Su Yanyun was pushed out of the changing room with the help of the shop assistant.

Rong Linyi sat on the sofa and looked at Ms.

Su with approval as if he was admiring a work of art.

It had to be said that Su Yanyuns temperament really held up the clothes.

Even though the clothes in front of her showed her curves in one look, it also showed her elegance and refreshing temperament.

Her skin was as fair as milk and filled with youthful energy.

Her shoulders were completely exposed, but her curves were clean and neat.

She didnt have any sense of sensuality at all and instead seemed a little holy.

Others thought it was sexy black, but she looked dignified in it.

“Not bad.” Rong Linyi nodded.

“Try another.”

A moment later, Ms.

Su walked out again wearing a leopard print tube top and ripped denim jeans.

Rong Linyi narrowed his eyes.

“Hubby…” This time, Su Yanyun was clearly more uncomfortable.

Her tummy was exposed and she didnt forget that she was pregnant.

Rong Linyi lifted a finger.

“Keep it.

Wear it after giving birth.


Until they left.

Rong Linyi brought Su Yanyun and swept through all the sexy outfits in the world center.

“Starting tomorrow, change into a new set every day.” Rong Linyi placed his arm on Su Yanyuns shoulders and touched her arm with his fingertips.

“But…” Her husbands reaction stunned Su Yanyun.

When she mentioned how her colleagues had insulted her dressing style, she thought her husband would tell her to dress more conservatively in the future so that others wouldnt criticize her.

In the end, her husband did the opposite and made her dress sexier.

Rong Linyi glanced at her.

“Youre saying that your colleagues will take this opportunity to scold you”

Su Yanyun forgot to nod and just stared at Rong Linyi in a daze.

Rong Linyi reached out and pinched Su Yanyuns chin, making her look up into his eyes.

“Remember, as my woman, you have the right to freely show your beauty.

You dont have to worry about anyone using this opportunity to slander and harass you.

You can be brazenly beautiful.

Anyway, Ill protect you.”

His words were full of self-protection and confidence, and it infected Su Yanyun instantly.

“Okay.” Su Yanyun held Rong Linyis hand.

Her eyes were bright.

“I remember that I have you.”

Rong Linyi was very satisfied with Su Yanyuns reaction.

He smiled.

“I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning.”


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