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“Su Yanyun, Boss wants you to come over.”

Early Monday morning, Wang Tong squeezed in front of Su Yanyun and said arrogantly.

Su Yanyun had already expected the bosss order.

Cheng Tingxue had specifically asked her to interview her.

The interview went on, but the news was not released.

It was a disaster that couldnt be avoided, so Su Yanyun could only tell him calmly and go to the bosss office.

“CEO Li, you were looking for me” Su Yanyun saw Boss Lis livid face and didnt feel afraid.

Instead, she found it a little funny.

“Su Yanyun, what you have done!” Boss Li slammed the table.

“Cheng Tingxue specifically asked you for an interview.

Look at what you have done during such a good opportunity!”

Su Yanyun couldnt guess what Cheng Tingxue had told Boss Li.

But Boss Lis next words surprised her.

“You have offended Cheng Tingxue, and there is no place for you in this business anymore.

You should resign today.”

Su Yanyuns expression darkened.


This was Cheng Tingxues method

“Okay, I can leave.” It was a small reporters job anyway, so Su Yanyun really didnt want to do it.

She raised her head.

“But Im not quitting.

This is the company firing me for no reason.

You have to compensate me with a N 1 salary.”

“N 1” Boss Li seemed to have heard a joke.

“Su Yanyun, if you really love money and value your life, you shouldnt have offended Ms.


“Boss Li, you mean that we should only meet in court” Su Yanyun sneered.


Was Boss Li trying to scare her

Actually, with her husband, she no longer had any concept of money.

But what was hers had to be hers.

Boss Li couldnt even dream of taking advantage of her!

Boss Li was in no hurry to speak after hearing Su Yanyuns words.

Instead, he stood up and slowly walked to Su Yanyuns side.

To be honest, Cheng Tingxue was the one who told him to find trouble with Su Yanyun today.

]What kind of background did Cheng Tingxue have Su Yanyun actually didnt know what was good for her and offended her.

So even if he really did anything to Su Yanyun today, he still had Cheng Tingxue backing him, right

As Boss Li thought, his wretched eyes fell on Su Yanyuns white neck.

Su Yanyun was wearing a sleeveless top with a flat shoulder.

Her jade-like collarbones were resting on the collar, and Boss Lis eyes were filled with lust.

To be honest, in her small company, the woman in front of her was the best in terms of looks and figure.

Even Wang Tong was inferior to Su Yanyun.

This woman not only had a face that was becoming more and more charming the more one looked at her, the more important was her figure.

Not only did she have exquisite curves, small and exquisite bones, she had a round figure.

This was especially obvious today, as she wore clothes that showed off her perfect and slender legs and delicate waist.

What was even rarer was that although Su Yanyun had a charming temperament, her eyes were incomparably clear.

The two completely different charms, pure and alluring, had perfectly combined on her body.

If Su Yanyun wasnt the daughter of the Su family, Boss Li would have already tried to sleep with her a long time ago.

Now, this woman had offended the Cheng family.

Even if he really did anything to her, she wouldnt be able to do anything.

Thinking of this, Boss Li couldnt take it anymore and reached for Su Yanyuns waist.

Just as his hand was about to touch Su Yanyun…


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