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Madam Rong rubbed her brows.

“Im not interested in your secret.”

Rong Xuelong had a big mouth and even if she had a pimple on her face, Madam Rong simply didnt believe that she had any secrets.

“I definitely dont have any secrets in front of Mommy.” Rong Xuelong said coquettishly.

“This secret isnt really a secret.

Its just some gossip.”

Seeing how mysteriously Rong Xuelong was acting, Madam Rong couldnt help but smile.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Rong Xuelong slid down from the sofas armrest and leaned beside Madam Rong.

She deliberately lowered her voice.

“This news is related to my brother.

This afternoon, Jiang Chengxi even went to see someone before he saw Lin Yi.

Guess who”

“If you want to say it, say it.

Whats with the guessing” Madam Rong was impatient.

Rong Xuelong, perhaps because of her sensitive status, had become a very lethal and mischievous lady ever since she passed puberty.

The difference in personality and appearance was intense.

Rong Xuelong saw that her mother didnt buy it and stopped joking.

She said resentfully, “Jiang Chengxi went to the hospital to see Cheng Tingxue.”

“Cheng Tingxue” Madam Rong was a little surprised and asked subconsciously.

“Did he go and warn her”

As everyone knew, besides being a lawless heiress, Jiang Chengxi was also a typical sister controller.

When Rong Linyi severed ties with Jiang Yilin, Jiang Chengxi even threatened to find someone to “get rid of” Rong Linyi.

Now that Jiang Yilin had slit her wrist and committed suicide, it was possible that she had heard the news of Rong Linyi and Cheng Tingxues blind date.

With Jiang Chengxis character, it was normal to warn his sisters love rival.

Rong Xuelong smiled sarcastically.

“Guess, Mommy.”

“No.” Madam Rong glared at her daughter in anger.

Could her daughter not be so mysterious

“I dont know either.” Rong Xuelong smiled awkwardly.

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She could actually guess why Jiang Chengxi had gone to see Cheng Tingxue.

But… firstly, she didnt have concrete evidence.

Secondly, she had promised Rong Linyi to keep his secret… If she told him her guess, her mother might know about Rong Linyis “marriage”.


Before figuring out Brothers wifes identity, its better not to act rashly.” Rong Xuelong returned to her room and couldnt help but mutter to herself.

“All the more, I cant let Mom know that Brother is going to be a father…”

Her brothers marriage was actually a surprise.

After all, Rong Xuelong had once threatened the Jiang family that her brother would rather marry a sow than Jiang Yilin.

But it would be different if her brother was the scapegoat for another man.

“Hey, Brother.” Rong Xuelong frowned.

“Why didnt you think clearly, and decided to become a father”

Thus, the important thing now was to find out more about her sister-in-law before the matter was exposed…

Rong Xuelong thought and made an international call.

The phone rang a few times and a womans cold voice sounded from the other end.

“Xuelong, Im on vacation in Europe.

Im not too sure about Jiang Chengxis recent situation.”

“Oh my dear.” Rong Xuelongs tone was exceptionally affectionate.

“Who doesnt know that you are his first assistant Even if you arent around, theres no news that you cant find out.”

One of Jiang Chengxis most valued assistants was actually Rong Xuelongs spy!

The other end of the line was silent for a moment before the womans tone softened.

“Ask away.”

“He met Cheng Tingxue this afternoon.

Do you know what they talked about”


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