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She should have given him the shawl earlier.

It was sent over so late at night.

Wasnt she walking into a tigers den

“Hubby, I still have other gifts for you.” Su Yanyun held on to her shaky will and finally found something to interrupt.

Rong Linyi heard that.

He suddenly picked her up with one hand, swept away the documents and computer on the table with the other and placed her on the empty space.

He leaned down with a wild glint in his dark eyes.

“You are the best gift.”

With the cold table on her back, Su Yanyun was a little more sober from the cold.

She said, “That box the doctor gave you… did you throw it away”


Rong Linyis expression darkened and the excitement and desire from before were all gone.

He picked Su Yanyun up and got her to stand up again.

“Hurry and go to bed.” His expression was dark, and there was a hint of frustration and dissatisfaction in his voice.

“Dont come and cause trouble in the middle of the night anymore.”

Then, he left Su Yanyun on the spot and walked into the bathroom.

The cold water cooled his high desires after a while.

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Rong Linyi exhaled deeply.

That damned woman.

One day, he would make up for all the losses he had suffered during this period!

At that time, she wouldnt be able to leave that bed!

At the same time.

In the Rong familys mansion, Madam Rong put down her phone.

“Mother, what did Aunt Chen say” Rong Xuelong crossed her arms and sat on the opposite sofas armrest.

Madam Rongs expression was calm.

“She said that your brother went back as usual today, but he doesnt seem to be asleep.

Hes still in the study.”

Rong Xuelong heard this and couldnt help but grit her teeth.

“Hes still working, and this is still considered as normal.

I think he clearly wants to finish everything so that he can meet that pretentious bitch early!”

Madam Rong rubbed her brows.

“Anyway, he has been working late into the night.

Fortunately, he didnt touch his private plane or book a flight.

However, he will be settling the matters in North America in about ten days.

I cant stop him.”

“Its easy to stop him.” Rong Xuelong gritted her teeth.

“Break his legs and lock him in the basement!”

Madam Rong looked at her daughter reproachfully.

“Xuelong, that is your brother.”

“Then cut off Jiang Chengxis tongue and make sure he doesnt act as a mouthpiece for that white lotus bitch anymore!” Rong Xuelong was so angry her whole body was shaking.

That evening, the spies Madam Rong had left with Rong Linyi reported that he had gone to see Jiang Chengxi…

At the same time, Madam Rongs spies in North America told her that Jiang Yilin slit her wrists and committed suicide last night.

Due to some things in the past, Rong Linyi and Jiang Chengxi were already considered incompatible.

However, after hearing about Jiang Yilins suicide, he still went to see Jiang Chengxi.

Since then, Madam Rong has been anxious… What she was most afraid of was that Rong Linyi would be impulsive and fly directly to see Jiang Yilin.

But now, from various sources of intelligence, Rong Linyi was calm and had no intention of leaving.

“Mother, dont think too much.” Rong Xuelong comforted Madam Rong.

“Maybe Brother has really forgotten about that bitch.

This man is always like this.

He forgets his old love once he has a new lover…”

She suddenly bit her tongue.

But Madam Rong seemed to have realized something.

“Xuelong, what are you hiding from me” Madam Rong said with certainty.

Her gaze was sharp and deep.

“Your brother… has another woman”

“How is that possible!” Although Rong Xuelong usually liked to trick her brother, she also knew that some things couldnt be said carelessly.

She hurriedly changed the topic.

“But Mother, I have a secret to tell you…”


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