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Luo Weimin was about to hold on to Su Yanyun so that they would be on the same side.

Jiang Tong took a step forward calmly and stood in front of Su Yanyun.


Su.” Jiang Tongs expression returned to its warm and gentle state as he faced Su Yanyun.

“You should check the gifts and see if theres anything left out.

There are too many things, Im afraid Ill have to get a car to send them back to you.”

Before Luo Weimin could be shocked.

Su Yanyun smiled sweetly.

“Thank you, Ah Tong.

Ive really troubled you today.”

“No need to trouble yourself.

Its my honor to be able to serve you, Ms.

Su.” Jiang Tong also smiled at Su Yanyun affectionately.

Luo Weimin was thunderstruck.

She was in a daze and had actually forgotten that Su Yanyun knew Jiang Tong.

This b*tch!

They had been classmates for years and best friends for so long, when did she get to know such an outstanding man behind her back!

Su Yanyun thie scheming b*tch! She really hid it too well!

“Wow, Su Yanyun!” After being humiliated repeatedly, Luo Weimin no longer wanted to pretend.

Her eyes were vicious.

“After all this time, you were the one who planned to humiliate me today! You cheated and seduced a pretty boy.

In the blink of an eye, youre showing off in front of me.

Youve really grown capable!”

“I wouldnt dare.” Su Yanyun glanced at Luo Weimin calmly.

Clearly, she didnt treat her as an equal opponent at all.

She scoffed softly.

“Speaking of schemes, how can I compare to you, Ah Min, when it comes to drugging your own best friend and framing her with a man”

“You, you know…” Luo Weimin was shocked.

Su Yanyun actually guessed that she was the one who drugged her last time.

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She suspected the last time that Su Yanyun had suddenly become smarter, but Su Yanyun was still drugged in the end and she agreed readily to go out with her this time.

Luo Weimin thought that Su Yanyun had not only lost the memory of catching adulterers, she was also as stupid as before.

But the scenes today made her feel fear… Could it be that Su Yanyun had not only become smarter, but she had also not lost her memory

She was pretending from the start to take a step back to advance, lure her to the bait and then diminish her prestige

“Ah Min, not only did I guess what you did to me the last time, I also knew what you wanted to do today.” Su Yanyun took a step forward.

“Dont tell me that youre pregnant before getting married and want to snatch someone elses husband! After all these years, youve always had the pleasure of snatching my things!”

Luo Weimin was shocked and staggered back.

She looked as if she had really seen a ghost.

Su Yanyuns words were just deductions, but they were all true.

Luo Weimin was really pregnant before marriage.

Although she only wanted to show off in front of Su Yanyun today, she still wanted to show that she had stolen what originally belonged to Su Yanyun.

And just now, she had the intention to snatch Jiang Tong away.

“Su Yanyun, I didnt expect you to be such a scheming woman! Were best friends and have been classmates for so many years, but youre actually so heartless to me!” Luo Weimin gritted her teeth.

“I just wanted to buy a bag and share my joy with you.

How dare you insult me like this!”

“Best friend” Su Yanyun scoffed.

“Luo Weimin, you drugged me and colluded with Su Zhongjie to molest me.

You even found someone to catch me in the act.

Arent you afraid of insulting the wordbest andfriend with your words”

Now that things had come to this, she wasnt afraid to expose her.

Su Yanyun didnt seem to have anything.

But she had Rong Linyi, so what was there to be afraid of!

“Okay, very good.” Luo Weimin was in a sorry state.

She also knew that at a time like this, she was helpless.

Today, she had lost completely.



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