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Jiang Tong stood beside the pile of presents.

He was tall and upright, and his expression was calm but gentle.

His bright and clean skin bathed in the sunset and emitted a translucent droplet that was like fire glazed glass, making Su Yanyun feel ashamed as a woman.

The most important thing to do beside Rong Linyi was to be clean and pleasing to the eye.

Thus, even if Jiang Tong was only an assistant, he was actually very picky in all aspects.

Furthermore, because he followed Rong Linyi to handle various matters, he was influenced by various occasions and had a good foundation.

Compared to people like Song Zhifei, be it looks or temperament, it was a qualitative leap.


[Luo Weimin was stunned.

When he saw Su Yanyun and Luo Weimin appear, Jiang Tongs lips curled into a smile.

Madam Yi was very beautiful.

The first time they met, she had panicked and bumped into Young Master Yi in a hurry.

Jiang Tong was protective.

His first impression of her was very bad.

But ever since Rong Linyis attitude towards Su Yanyun changed, Jiang Tongs attitude towards Su Yanyun also changed.

In his eyes, Ms.

Su was already one of his people.

That was why he looked closely at Ms.

Su and realized that although she wasnt the stunning beauty at first glance, she looked more and more pleasing the more he looked at her.

He couldnt find any flaws in her at all.

She always had a clean and crisp temperament, and he felt relaxed and happy whenever he stayed with her.

No wonder even a cleanliness freak like Young Master Yi could expose himself in front of her.

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This clean temperament made Jiang Tong think that he and Ms.

Su were the same type of people.

Unfortunately, Young Master Yi was extremely protective of his wife.

If other men looked at Su Yanyun more, they would also receive similar warning glances.

Jiang Tong had a strong desire to live.

Every time he saw Su Yanyun, he would be very nervous even when he greeted her normally.

Young Master Yi was especially busy today, so he was sent over.

Without Young Master Yi around, Jiang Tong could finally smile openly at Su Yanyun.

However, this beautiful smile not only stunned Su Yanyun, but also Luo Weimin.

Luo Weimin subconsciously placed her hand on her lower abdomen.

This time, she didnt want to flaunt her pregnancy.

Instead, she had the intention to abort the child.

]In less than half a second, Luo Weimin had already made up her mind.

She wanted to abandon Song Zhifei and be with this young man.

Only such a generous and influential man was worthy of her, Luo Weimin!

“I hope these presents still meet your standards.” Jiang Tong bowed politely as Su Yanyun approached.

Before Su Yanyun even said a word of thanks, Luo Weimin squeezed between Su Yanyun and Jiang Tong with an intoxicated expression.

She looked at Jiang Tong with an infatuated look.

“Thank you so much, Sir.

I really dont know how I can repay your kindness.”

After sizing up the pile of luxury goods, Luo Weimin was even more sure that they were all for her, because the ones here were all the brands she had just seen.

She leaned towards Jiang Tong.

It was rare for Jiang Tong to have a normal conversation with Madam Yi.

Before he could enjoy his freedom, Luo Weimin interrupted him and the pungent fragrance of perfume hit his nose.

After following Young Master Yi for so many years, Jiang Tong was more or less a cleanliness freak.

Luo Weimin was like a moving trash bin to him.

He sounded disgusted and frightened by her hug…


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