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“No, hubby!” Su Yanyun almost cried.


“You think I wont do it just because you dont want to” Rong Linyi was cold but there was an inexplicable brilliance in his eyes.

He was already angered by her interruption.

He couldnt flare up in front of Madam Rong either.

His only chance to hit someone had also been taken away by his sister.

He was in a frenzy and only the woman under him could calm him.

“No, no!” Su Yanyun cried.

“Im in a bad mood, Im in a bad mood…”

Rong Linyi stopped.

He was just a step away from becoming one with her again.

But Su Yanyuns emotional cries made him stop.

The atmosphere froze for a second.

Rong Linyis tense body relaxed and he wrapped his arms around Su Yanyun.

He lowered his head and kissed the space between her brows.

“Its okay, Im not in a good mood either.

Baby, lets continue, I will make you happy…”

Su Yanyun glared at Rong Linyi with tears in her eyes.

Hubby… was indeed a straight man!

He only knew how to use a mans lower body to think.

Im not unhappy because of that, okay

“Are you blaming me for not showing you to your family” Rong Linyi seemed to have finally understood something when he saw Su Yanyuns pitiful expression.

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“This is a small matter.” Su Yanyun admitted that it was one of the reasons, but… she was in a concealed marriage with her husband and he didnt want her to see his family, so she understood.

The Rong family was a prestigious family in C City, and what kind of woman was worthy of Rong Linyi

Su Yanyun had no idea at all.

But she knew that no matter what kind of woman was worthy of Young Master Yi.

Rong Linyi didnt hesitate to take her to get their marriage certificate.

Whether she saw his family or whether anyone acknowledged them was no longer important to Su Yanyun…

“Tell me why youre unhappy.” Rong Linyis words carried a threat that couldnt be ignored.

“Otherwise, Ill do it until youre happy.”

Su Yanyun shivered.

Do it until youre happy…

Given how fierce Hubby was, she wasnt sure if she had the life to wait for him to do it until she was happy…

“Its Ah Min…” Su Yanyun sighed and finally said the words in her heart.

“Ah Min” Rong Linyi frowned.

What Ah Ming Why didnt he know this person He asked subconsciously, “Is it your first love”

“Shes my best friend! Shes my best friend!” Su Yanyun retorted angrily.

“Luo Weimin, she was outside just now!”

“A woman” Rong Linyi thought about the women outside carefully.

He didnt seem to remember what they looked like and only remembered a few.

Ever since he fell for her, Young Master Yi had face blindness when it came to other women.

Su Yanyun rolled her eyes at Rong Linyi.

Why did she suddenly feel like Hubbys IQ was a little low

But in an instant, Rong Linyi was surrounded by a murderous aura.

“Are you sure it was that woman who drugged you”

Su Yanyuns lips moved.

In his memory, Ah Min was still that warm and caring best friend.

But she was no fool.

After she came to her senses, she remembered the whole incident.

In addition, the Su and Song families had argued outside, so she could roughly guess what had happened.

“Luo Weimin, why have you become like this” Su Yanyun slowly clenched her fists.


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