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“Hubby…” Su Yanyun looked up at the man in a daze.

Although she called him hubby, this seemed to be the first time she saw him clearly.

The man had long and narrow eyes that contained every kind of glazed luster in it.

His nose bridge was perfectly straight and tall, manifesting his estrangement and coldness, but his pursed thin lips were heartless and hid his expression.

He had broad shoulders, a small waist, and straight long legs.

His expensive clothes were fitted perfectly to his perfect body.

This flawless complexion, this golden ratio figure, this aristocrat silhouette that renowned people loved to portray… It was as delicate and perfect as an oil painting.

Jiang Tong did something to make Song Zhifeis voice outside the villa stop completely.

Thus, the whole world seemed to become silent…

Rong Linyi walked down the staircase slowly.

His footsteps were crisp and strong as if stepping on Su Yanyuns heart and making her heartbeat accelerate.

Rong Linyi walked in front of Su Yanyun.

Because of the height difference, he still loomed over her.

The corners of his eyes were icy-cold, without any emotion.

The suppression behind the cold atmosphere could be felt about a thousand miles away.

Su Yanyuns heart trembled and she twitched her lips slightly.

She looked down with her beautiful brown eyes and looked innocent and wronged.

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“Hubby… you… why…”

“I told you, dont call me hubby.” Rong Linyi interrupted.

His tone was icy-cold.

Su Yanyun bit her lip subconsciously.

A fresh red line formed on her pink underlip.

Suddenly, she lifted her hand at Rong Linyi without any warning.

Jiang Tong had just come back from handling Song Zhifei, and he saw the shocking scene in front of him—

The weak little woman lifted her hand fiercely and slapped Young Master Yis face.


Jiang Tongs heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Rong Linyi grabbed Su Yanyuns wrist, but before he could even say anything, Su Yanyuns other hand lifted.

And very quickly, both of her wrists were clutched tightly by Rong Linyi.

She lost any form of struggle.

“Why!” Su Yanyun did not retreat.

She continued to question him in tears.

“Why did you lie to me! You said that you wont abandon me… you said you wont lie to me…”

But just now, if she hadnt guessed wrongly, the bad man who had claimed to be her husband had been let in by Rong Linyi.

Jiang Tong watched as the storm in Young Master Yis eyes slowly gathered as if he were about to tear the little woman in front of him into shreds.

He quickly came up to lift the siege.


Su, calm down…”

The last woman who dared to be fierce with Young Master Yi had really disappeared from the country within the day itself…

Jiang Tong sincerely hoped that Su Yanyun wouldnt land in such a state.

“Ah Tong!” Su Yanyuns eyes were filled with tears.

“Tell me, if that man hadnt hit me, you two would have let him take me away, right”

Jiang Tong glanced at Young Master Yi.

Young Master Yis eyes were dark and icy, and he didnt say a single thing.

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This made Jiang Tong completely unable to guess what he was thinking.

He was obviously not interested in women and even rejected and hated them, yet he had still brought this little woman back.

He had already called the Song family to come and retrieve her, yet he still changed his mind all of a sudden and had him chase Song Zhifei out.

Seeing that both Jiang Tong and Rong Linyi were silent, Su Yanyuns tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Hubby.” Her voice was desolate.

“In my tummy, theres our baby…”



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