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“Thats not right.

Why did I have to hide just now” Su Yanyun suddenly asked.

She had been shocked by the sound of the people outside hitting the door.

So when Rong Linyi wanted to hide her, she was as agreeable as a little white rabbit and obediently hid

Su Yanyuns expression became… a little complicated.

Come on, she was Rong Linyis rightful and legal wife.

As long as they were not on the streets, it was not illegal to get intimate with her hubby anywhere, okay

That bunch of people, on the other hand, came and smashed the door rudely.

They didnt have any manners at all!

Rong Linyi was at a loss for words.

The usually calm and composed Young Master Yi seemed to be at a loss for the first time.

“Because.” He hesitated for a long time before finding a reason.

“This is my sisters room.

You saw how she looked just now…”

Su Yanyun widened her eyes.

Coupled with her puffed up cheeks, she looked more like a pufferfish than usual.


They were actually in his sisters room…

“But she has never stayed here before.” Rong Linyi immediately explained.

“Shes basically overseas and only comes back a few times a year, so its even rarer for her to come here.

This is the first time were staying here…”

Su Yanyun was silent.

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Her puffed up cheeks faded and her pretty face hardened.

Rong Linyi didnt know why she suddenly felt so down.

He had already explained it to her, and he had never lowered himself before.

Why was she still so unhappy

This sort of uncontrollable feeling made him frown.

Rong Linyis fingers pinched Su Yanyuns chin and forced her to look up.

“Smile.” His expression was cold, and the unhappiness in his voice was obvious.

Su Yanyun couldnt smile.

After such a long time, the effect of the drug had completely faded and her mind was clearer than ever.

Seeing the cold clarity in her eyes, Rong Linyi felt angry for no reason.

He couldnt control his woman, but she could affect his emotions at any time.

This sort of passive feeling made him even more frustrated.

“Su Yanyun, do you think that you can do whatever you want just because were married” Rong Linyis voice was cold.

He just wanted to see her gentle and adorable self.

When the two of them were together, it felt so good, and they had been so affectionate.

Why did Su Yanyun feel so strange after being disturbed

Could it be that she would only open her arms to him at that time

Rong Linyi suddenly strode towards the bed with his woman in his arms.

When he placed Su Yanyun on the bed and roughly pulled off her pajamas, Su Yanyun exclaimed.

“Hubby, what are you doing”

Rong Linyi had already leaned over.

This time, his intentions were clear and he even wanted to skip the foreplay.

“I want to continue the unfinished business.”

Rong Linyis answer was simple and crude.

His behavior was even more direct.

He pressed down Su Yanyuns hands and pushed her legs with his knees.

Since she only became gentle in bed, then wouldnt it be fine if he made her unable to get off the bed


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