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“Darling, its bad.” Luo Weimin found Song Zhifei crying.

“Whats wrong with you” Song Zhifei looked at the unrecognizable Luo Weimin and was shocked.

“Wheres Su Yanyun

Luo Weimin went under the knife many times in the past.

Her entire face hit the wall and was naturally distorted in many places.

This caused her entire face to be swollen like a shiny pigs head.

Song Zhifeis expression angered Luo Weimin even more.

She covered her face and cried.

“I already had her but Su Yanyuns lover suddenly came.

He not only took Su Yanyun away, but also beat me up.”

“Lover” Song Zhifei was enraged.

“Hes just a lover so how dare he do this Where are they”

As they were talking, Rong Xiaoping and Song Deming also came forward.

Seeing Luo Weimins appearance, she was also shocked.

She heard that Su Yanyun and her lover had left.

He was even more enraged.

“What a sly b*tch!” Rong Xiaoping spat.

“Shes seducing men everywhere! How shameless!”

“Im sorry, Zhifei.

Dad, Mom, Ive already done my best.” Luo Weimin cried.

Song Deming was in deep thought.

“No, its not like theres no turning point.

Su Yanyun is our Song familys daughter-in-law, and a lot of people know about it.

In my opinion, why dont we go and catch an adulterer Then, well send you up and so you can magnanimously forgive her in front of everyone…”


“Forgive her What a joke!” Song Zhifeis expression changed.

Catch her in the act… This was equivalent to announcing his humiliation to all the guests.

“Are you stupid!” Rong Xiaoping and Song Deming were husband and wife indeed.

“What your father means is to let everyone know how magnanimous you are.

Firstly, you can use the power of the publics opinion to trick Su Yanyun back and marry her again.

Secondly, isnt this a good reason to divorce her in the future”

“Thats a good idea.” Luo Weimin echoed immediately.

Haha, it was good to let everyone see Su Yanyuns ugly state and his unfaithful wife cheating with others.

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“Minmin, lead the way.

Well go and find that slut and her adulterer!” Rong Xiaoping said.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the banquet.

“Outrageous!” Su Bowang bellowed when he saw Su Zhongjies swollen face.

“This is the Rong familys banquet.

Who dared to hit you like this”

“It, it must be Su Yanyuns lover!” Su Zhongjie covered half of his face and complained incoherently.

“That woman was drugged and was complaining, but a man ran out and punched me.

He even took her away.”

Su Bowang gritted his teeth in anger when he heard that Su Yanyun had drugged someone else.

“If theres such a thing, why didnt you tell me first” He pointed at Su Zhongjie.

When he saw Guo Qiao Lians angry expression, he immediately changed his tone.

“I couldve at least taken care of that girlfriend for you over there.”

“Dad! That man cant take advantage of this!” Su Zhongjie thought about how Su Yanyun was being pinned down by another man and was angry and anxious.

“We have to rush over!”

If he rushed over, he might even get a bargain… hehe.

In the bedroom.

Su Yanyun leaned into Rong Linyis arms.

“Baby, are you feeling better” Rong Linyi looked at the delicate woman in his arms.

After sleeping with him, Su Yanyuns cheeks were tinted with a rose-colored luster.

She bit her lower lip and recovered her consciousness.

“Okay…” She nodded slightly.

Rong Linyis eyes darkened again.

His woman looked like she wanted to say something, but hesitated.

It was obvious that she still had some impatience and desire…

Who was it that had drugged her so severely!

“Then Ill be gentler this time…” Before Su Yanyun could say anything, Rong Linyi had already turned over and pinned her down.


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