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A loud slap echoed in the corridor.

A clear handprint appeared on Jiang Chengxis face.

His gaze turned sharp instantly.

“Rong Xuelong!”

“Shut up!” Rong Xuelong raised her hand again.

“You scum has no right to call me by my name!”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chengxi reacted quickly and grabbed her wrist.

“One slap is enough!” Jiang Chengxi gritted his teeth.

“Dont think that I dont hit women!”

Rong Xuelong smiled coquettishly.

“I was just kidding.

Young Master Xi is angry already”

If not for the fact that Jiang Chengxi had already suffered due to Rong Xuelong many times, he would really be deceived by her current smile.


Have you seen anyone joke with a slap before


Furthermore, Rong Xuelong would give him a slap each time she saw him.

“Jiang bastard.” Rong Xuelong sneered again when she saw that Jiang Chengxi had not fallen for her trick.

“Im warning you, dont even think about my brother! That fake b*tch of yours isnt worthy of our Rong family!”

“Its not up to you to decide whether shes worthy or not, spinster!” Jiang Chengxi hated it the most when people insulted his sister and retorted immediately.

Rong Xuelongs expression changed a little.

“Jiang Zhongmai, I think youre asking for a beating!”

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Jiang Chengxi pushed Rong Xuelongs hand away.

“I wont accomodate you tonight.

See you at the martial arts school this weekend!”

Inside the room…

Rong Linyi had no idea what was happening outside.

At this moment, he had already placed the woman on the bed.

Before Su Yanyun could initiate, he had already leaned forward.

“Hubby…” Su Yanyun leaned into him affectionately.

Rong Linyi pinched her chin gently.

“Call me by my name.

Who am I, Su Yanyun Tell me, who am I…”

Su Yanyun frowned.

“Hubby… It hurts…”

She yearned to be hugged by him, ravaged by him, and crushed by him…

But why was he so distant

“Tell me my name.” Rong Linyi did not give in.

A thorn in his heart could only be removed by her.

Su Yanyun got up uncomfortably and moaned uncontrollably.

She leaned her red lips towards Rong Linyi and begged with a sobbing voice.

“Hubby… quickly… save…”

Before she could even finish speaking, Rong Linyis tongue had already invaded her mouth.

He also went along with her and hugged her tightly.

He rubbed her fiercely while squeezing her legs tightly.

However, he still didnt take the next step after venting his frustration.

“Tell me, Yanyun, who is the person you love” Rong Linyis breathing was heavy like a summer storm.

Facing a body that was as beautiful as a white jade, he had to use all of his willpower.

“You… Hubby, I love you…” Su Yanyun didnt know what she was talking about.

She only knew that the man in front of her was the person she had entrusted her entire life to.

He was her unchanging partner in this life, and she wanted to be with him and become one with him.

“Who am I” Rong Linyi was stubborn.

“Yi…” Su Yanyun finally said his name as he wished.

“Linyi… Rong Linyi… Hubby… ah! ”

With the last word, Rong Linyi finally penetrated the delicate woman in his embrace…

The whole room was filled with gentle sounds that made one blush.

Rong Linyi and Su Yanyun, who were completely immersed in their own world, didnt know that at this time, someone had already caused a scene…


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