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Su Yanyun looked around anxiously.

She couldnt even tell where she was anymore.

“A room… a beautiful room…”

Rong Linyis heart clenched upon hearing her words.

Although it was only three stories, Rong Linyi knew that this luxurious house specialized in entertaining guests had hundreds of rooms!

He was about to say something when he suddenly heard a mans voice coming from the stairs.

“Where is Su Yanyun now”

Su Yanyun

Rong Linyis ears twitched.

Someone upstairs was asking where Su Yanyun was

This was the eastern staircase of the entire luxurious house.

The main staircase of the luxurious house was divided into four sections: north, south, east, and west.

The area near the east staircase was the owners main area.


Every time the Rong family held a banquet, only the Rong familys owner and their most respected guests would stay around.

After the mans question ended, another womans voice was heard.

“I locked her in a room, and the drug should have taken effect by now.

Young Master Su, enjoy yourself after you enter.”

Su Zhongjies eyes lit up with excitement.


Luo, you have helped me so much, how can I thank you”

“No need to thank me.” Luo Weimin smiled hypocritically.

“I only hope that Young Master Su wont tell anyone I helped you.”

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If the Song family knew that he had done such a thing, it would probably be difficult for him to marry into the Song family.

“Dont worry, its just a small matter.

I will definitely keep it a secret for Ms.

Luo.” Su Zhongjie was now filled with thoughts of Su Yanyun.

The two of them walked deeper into the corridor.

No one noticed that a man was silently following behind them.

When they reached the door to a room, Luo Weimin held up the card in her hand.

“Young Master Su, Ive locked Su Yanyun inside.

You just have to open the door and you can enter for a spring breeze.”

That room

Rong Linyis expression was unreadable.

He was stunned when he saw the door.

Su Yanyun was actually locked in that room.

Su Zhongjie took the card and was about to swipe it.

Luo Weimin stopped him again.

“Wait! Young Master Su, youre doing the wrong thing.”

Rong Xiaoping had specially instructed her about this card before giving it to her.

It was intelligent.

One swipe could open the door, but lock the door with a reverse swipe.

Thus, after Luo Weimin left the house, she easily locked Su Yanyun in her room.

Su Zhongjie obeyed and opened the door.

He drooled.

“Good sister, Im here…”

The living room was brightly lit, but Su Yanyun was nowhere to be seen.

Su Zhongjie and Luo Weimin entered the room and saw Su Yanyun lying on the floor with her back facing them.

The water in the bathtub was flowing and she seemed to be using her hands to water herself.

Even though her back was facing him and he couldnt see her face clearly, Su Zhongjie felt as if his whole body was on fire.

“Good sister, I will treat you well tonight.”

Luo Weimins lips curled into a sinister smile.

Su Yanyun, tonight will be your death day!

When she went to inform Song Zhifei, she would also inform the Su family.

He heard that Su Yanyuns stepfathers lover was not to be belittled either…

Su Zhongjie rubbed his hands wretchedly and walked towards Su Yanyun.

Tonight, this woman that he had been eyeing for a long time was his.

Haha, after they slept together, would they still need to worry about him not being able to marry her

Su Zhongjie felt that the Su familys property was already in his hands.

As his hand reached out to Su Yanyun…


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