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Su Yanyun didnt really understand Song Zhifeis words.

But what she understood was that this man was threatening her.

Without even thinking, she picked up her bag and smashed it into Song Zhifeis face.

Once the bag hit him, even the diamond ring in his hand fell to the ground.

“Lunatic!” Su Yanyun spat and turned to leave.

Song Zhifeis expression turned cold.

He picked up the ring on the ground and reached out to tug at Su Yanyuns clothes.

“What are you doing!” Su Yanyun was almost dragged to the ground.

“Su Yanyun.” Song Zhifei clutched her shoulders and pinned her against the wall fiercely.

“Dont tell me you really think Im inhumane Damn it! I will sleep with you tonight, so have no chance to divorce me!”

“Let go of me!” Su Yanyun screamed in shock.


Song Zhifei covered Su Yanyuns mouth.

“What are you shouting for! Even if he came, I will only say that we were the ones quarreling.

Su Yanyun, dont forget, I am your husband!”


Su Yanyun was angry and shocked.

Her right arm was held down by Song Zhifei and she couldnt move.

Seeing that Song Zhifei was about to forcefully kiss her, her left hand, which was still mobile, instinctively hit Song Zhifeis head.

The diamond ring on her left ring finger directly knocked Song Zhifeis eye.

“Ah!” Song Zhifeis eye had just been poked by Su Yanyun with a pen and hadnt even recovered fully when he was hit by the indestructible diamond.

He took two steps back in pain.

Su Yanyun took the opportunity to kick Song Zhifei and ran desperately towards a crowded place.

She hadnt run far when a woman suddenly jumped out from around the corner and grabbed her.

Su Yanyun almost screamed in shock.

However, the womans familiar and gentle voice immediately comforted her.

“Yanyun Whats wrong”

Su Yanyun was stunned.

The woman was… Luo Weimin

She asked subconsciously.

“Miner, why are you here”

In her impression, Luo Weimins family wasnt too impressive.

Such a prestigious family banquet shouldnt have anything to do with her.

A sense of gloominess flashed across Luo Weimins eyes.

Su Yanyun really didnt seem to remember what happened to her and Song Zhifei.

When she heard Rong Xiaoping and Song Zhifei say that Su Yanyun was crazy and full of nonsense, she thought that she was feigning it.

But now, it seemed like there was really something wrong with her brain

Otherwise, she should have been furious and anxious the first time she saw her.

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She shouldnt be so casual and friendly.

After Su Yanyun had exposed her and Song Zhifeis secret, their “friendship” ceased to exist.

Su Yanyun was already being polite by not giving her a slap.

How could she possibly talk to her nicely

Luo Weimin shielded Su Yanyun and signaled Song Zhifei with her eyes to stay away.

Then, she took Su Yanyuns hand and said.

“Yanyun, I came with our boss.

He lacks a female partner, so he invited me to accompany him.”

Su Yanyun had a strange feeling that danger was still lurking around.

Beside Song Zhifei who wanted to harm her, there was also Luo Weimin who previously hurt her.

There was a sense of alertness in her eyes.

She didnt completely believe Luo Weimins words, but seeing that she was walking with her towards a crowded place, she didnt do anything for the time being.

She also didnt see the calculative and jealous look in Luo Weimins eyes…


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