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Now, he saw Su Yanyun splash coffee on his uncles sons face.

Boss Li also pretended to be angry.

“Su Yanyun, what are you doing Who treats their relative like this”

“Boss Li has said it too.” Su Yanyun said with cold eyes.

“This is my relative.

Does the way I treat him have anything to do with my Boss”

“Sister Yanyun.” Su Zhongjie grimaced.

“I sent you an invitation out of goodwill, why did you…”

Su Yanyun snatched the invitation from Su Zhongjies hand, tore it into shreds and threw it in Su Zhongjies face.


“Okay! Su Yanyun, you have guts!” Su Zhongjie was also completely enraged.

He pointed a finger at Su Yanyuns nose.

“Youre a withered flower that has divorced.

Do you think youre still the popular one Who cares about you! Dont come and beg me in the future!”

Su Yanyun didnt answer.

She just walked quickly to the bosss desk, grabbed his laptop, and threw it at Su Zhongjie.

Su Zhongjie was hit on the head and he took a few steps back.

However, Su Yanyun didnt want to stop.

She grabbed the teacup, mouse, calendar, and even the potted plants on the table and threw them all at Su Zhongjie…

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“Dont! Dont!” Su Zhongjie had completely forgotten that he was a man and was only scared stiff by Su Yanyuns actions.

“Su Yanyun!” Boss Li yelled in shock.” What are you doing This is my office!”

“Shut up!” Su Yanyun suddenly bellowed and pointed at the boss.

“Ill pay however much it costs! At most, I will quit today!”

Boss Li was stunned.

Was this still the timid and introverted Su Yanyun

Seeing that Su Yanyun was about to continue hitting him, he hurriedly protected Su Zhongjie and rushed out.

“Young Master Su, lets talk somewhere else…”

“Bitch! Ill deal with you!” Su Zhongjie walked into the office and found his courage again.

He yelled inside, “Believe it or not, Ill f*ck with you until you die and surrender!”

The media companys employees were generally more educated.

When they heard Su Zhongjies obscenities, all of them widened their eyes.

“Who is this…” A few employees said quietly.

“He looks so young, could he be Su Yanyuns man”

“Could he be the son of that old man who came to make trouble regarding the familys property”

“Haha, I just cant stand a bitch like Su Yanyun.

Shes probably getting her retribution.”

These colleagues usually had no grievances with Su Yanyun, but at this moment, all of their primordial instincts were exposed.

“Yanyun, what happened in the morning”

At lunch, Zheng Xin finally found a chance to ask Su Yanyun privately.

The criticisms by her colleagues almost brainwashed her, but without getting an answer from Su Yanyun, Zheng Xin wouldnt believe that her good friend was such a person.

Su Yanyun smiled wryly.

“Hes my stepfathers son.

He came over to deliver some invitation.

Who knows what evil intentions he has.”

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“That widows illegitimate child” Zheng Xin suddenly raised her voice.

“Why didnt you tell me”

Su Yanyun jabbed the bowl with her chopsticks.

“Whats the point of telling you…”

“Tell me.

Ill help you hit him!” Zheng Xin slammed the table.

“What right does an impostor whos occupying a magpies nest have to come and see you!”

Su Yanyun remained silent.

She felt a little down…

It was not because she had seen Su Zhongjie, but because… she had heard from Su Zhongjie that tonight was the Rong familys old ladys 60th birthday.


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