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Jiang Chengxi wanted to smash something, but he realized that most of the things in the room had been smashed.

He wanted to call Rong Linyi, but realized that his phone had been smashed into pieces.

He paced around the room a few times before his gaze finally fell on the tiny thumb drive…

Su Yanyun slept soundly and woke up at eight in the morning.

Last night, after Rong Linyis sudden departure, she only felt uneasy for a few minutes before she drifted off to sleep.

She didnt know if Rong Linyi came back or where he spent the night.

She got up and the housemaids outside waited in a row as usual.

Aunt Chen rushed over when she heard the commotion.

“Madam Yi, why didnt you sleep a little more Young Master specifically instructed you to sleep well before he left.

Did they wake you up”

Su Yanyun smiled.

“Its my biological clock thats on time, no one elses fault.”

Hubby was still concerned about her as usual.

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She wanted to ask Aunt Chen where Rong Linyi spent the night last night, but she felt that it was inappropriate to say it out loud.

Thus, she didnt say anything in the end.

There was a text message on her phone.

It was from Zheng Xin.

[Yanyun, are you coming to work today]

Su Yanyun replied while having breakfast.

“I am.”

Although she was now a carefree Young Madam, she couldnt find any reason not to work.

It was so boring to be alone at home every day.

Work could make her socialize, relieve her boredom, and even meet her best friend.

“If Madam Yi is going out, which car are you going to take” Aunt Chen asked Su Yanyun.

“Whats the cheapest car” Su Yanyun subconsciously wanted to keep a low profile.

Aunt Chen looked troubled.

“Well… there arent many cheap cars here.

The cheapest one has been driven by Young Master.

How about this, I have my own cheap Cayenne.

If you dont mind…”

Su Yanyun didnt really understand the style of the top prestigious families.

A Porsche Cayenne was also considered cheap

Thus, half an hour later, Su Yanyun came to the office in a cheap Cayenne worth about a million.

When she got out of the car, she coincidentally met a few colleagues.

“Hi!” Su Yanyun was usually popular in the office, so she naturally smiled when she saw her colleagues.

However, although her colleagues also greeted her, they looked at her strangely and smiled reluctantly.

Especially the two female colleagues who looked at the Cayenne behind her as if they understood something.

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Su Yanyun was a little surprised.

No way… could it be that everyone already knew about her relationship with Rong Linyi

“Who sent you here” While taking the elevator, a female colleague asked with ill intentions.

“My familys driver.” Su Yanyun smiled.

It looked like she would have to trouble Aunt Chen to change cars.

The Cayenne… was still too high-profile.

“Your hubby is really good to you.” The female colleagues words held a deeper meaning.

“Su Yanyun, youre really lucky.

Marrying into a rich family… I heard youre even pregnant”

Su Yanyun was completely unaware that the other party was testing and taunting her.

She only smiled slightly.


The elevator door opened and Su Yanyun entered the office first.

“How thick-skinned…” The female colleague who questioned Su Yanyun just now scoffed behind her.” Shes still so self-righteous as a surrogate.

“Without being thick-skinned, how can she sit in a Cayenne” The other colleagues also gossiped.

“Its a pity that were so thin-skinned, so we can only accept our poor lives.”

At that moment, all sorts of sarcastic comments followed behind Su Yanyun…


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