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Rong Linyis eyes were calm.

It was as if he had heard something ordinary, and his expression remained unchanged.

But at this moment, the calmer he seemed, the more nervous Jiang Tong felt.

“What are you trying to say” Rong Linyi only spoke after a while.

“Last night, Yilin called you.

Why didnt you answer” Jiang Chengxi asked darkly.

Rong Linyi didnt answer.

Not a single word.

Knowing that there was no answer to his question, Jiang Chengxi gritted his teeth and said, “You know how much courage she mustered to give you a call.

Do you know how she endured these three years alone overseas Do you know how heartless you were and how much you hurt her You… Hey! Hey!”

Jiang Chengxis lengthy speech had just begun when a dull tone sounded from the other end of the line.

“Idiot! How dare he hang up on me!” Jiang Chengxi smashed his phone into pieces and asked his female assistant.

“How dare he hang up on me! How dare he!”

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The female assistant was at a loss for words.

After a few seconds, she replied faintly, “Probably because he is Rong Linyi…”

Jiang Chengxi was enraged.

“He was the one who pestered Yilin back then, and hes the one who hurt her and abandoned her now.

Tell me, is he a piece of trash”

“With that kind of looks, figure, and background, even if he is a jerk, hes still a very attractive jerk,” the female assistant replied fairly.

“Get lost!” Jiang Chengxi smashed his glass.

“Who is your boss Who pays you Get lost!”

“Okay.” The female assistant nodded directly.

“Then, I dont have to report anything regarding Su Yanyun to you.”

The female assistant then left.

“Even if you dont report it, someone will!” Jiang Chengxi was enraged.

Last night, his most beloved sister, Jiang Yilin, had called him and cried the whole night.

His heart had shattered from her crying, and he wished he could crush him.

Seeing that his assistant was really about to leave, Jiang Chengxis anger soared.

“Come back and report to me!”

The female assistant turned around expressionlessly.

“Young Master Xi, you told me to scram.

As your assistant, Im in a difficult position.”

Jiang Chengxi flipped the table.

“If I ask you to report something, report it.

What nonsense are you talking about!”

The female assistant pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.


Last night, I investigated for an entire night.

Although I basically got the truth of the matter, Im tired and sleepy now, and Ive also been injured by my bosss magic roar…”

Jiang Chengxi immediately took out a cheque book and casually signed a number.

He tore it off and slapped it on the table.


Back then, asking Song Zhifei for a woman was purely a joke.

The reason was that Song Zhifei had shown him Su Yanyuns photo at a business meeting and told him that he hadnt slept with his wife before.

Jiang Chengxi smiled.

Young Master Song didnt want such a beautiful wife, so it was better to give her to him to play with.

Unexpectedly, Song Zhifei took it seriously and wanted to use his wife in exchange for the recent development projects of the Jiang familys hotels.

Jiang Chengxi was also drunk at the time and casually agreed.

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As for what Su Yanyun looked like in the photo, Jiang Chengxi said that the lights in the nightclub were dim and no one could see her clearly!

Who knew that not long after, Song Zhifei sent him a text telling him that Su Yanyun had been sent to a presidential suite in a hotel under his wing…


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