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“Hubby, is this our new home”

Su Yanyun sized up the exquisite villa, the glimmer in her eyes a moving sight.

This was Rong Linyis recreational property in the suburbs.

He hardly came here but had someone tidy up the place regularly.

It looked simple and neat, and luxurious in a low-key manner.

He took Su Yanyun here, just so that… he could hand her over to the Song family safely.

But even so, Rong Linyi still felt a tug at his heartstrings when she said that.

He looked at the pretty womans side profile.

“Like it”

“Its beautiful! I like it!” Su Yanyun responded enthusiastically.

“Then—” Rong Linyi dragged out the word unconsciously.

He asked with the intention of sounding her out, “The place you used to live in, did you like it”

Su Yanyun hooked her arm around Rong Linyis and leaned into him affectionately.

“I like it wherever you are.”

Rong Linyis heart skipped a beat.

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But the next second, hed managed to calm his heart and regain the same coldness as before.

He said, “Wait here for a moment, Ive got to get something done.”

Hed taken just one step when a soft hand held him back.

“Hubby,” Su Yanyun looked up at Rong Linyi with her beautiful eyes, looking a little worried, “are you abandoning me”

Rong Linyi raised his hand slightly, stopping just half an inch away from her face.

There was a short pause, but he placed his hand on her shoulder eventually.

“Ill be back in a while.” His voice was less cold than before now.

“When… have I ever lied to you”

Su Yanyun quietly released her grip on him.

“Alright, then.” She sat on the single-seat couch.

“Hubby wont lie to me… Ill be waiting here for you.”

Rong Linyis brows furrowed a little.

He did not respond as he took his leave.

“Hubby…” Su Yanyun called out all of a sudden.

Rong Linyi turned around and saw her radiant smile.

“Baby and I will be waiting here for you…”

Rong Linyi went into a daze momentarily.

This… silly woman.

He clenched his first, grasping every last bit of her warmth inside.

She really thought that he was her husband

That he would come back, and that he was the babys father


When she saw Song Zhifei, shed know that shed mistaken the wrong person.

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She was so absurdly wrong.

And he had no obligation to follow her down this wrong path.

“Su Yanyun, youre not too bad, you escaped fast!”

Song Zhifei set foot in the living room of the villa and eyed Su Yanyun deviously.

He used to look prim and orderly, but now, because Su Yanyun had jabbed one of his eyes, it was swollen and covered in yellow ointment… and he looked more boorish than before.

Su Yanyun sank into the couch subconsciously, her eyes full of fear.

“W-Who are you”

The reality that she knew now was a mess.

Her self-protective consciousness had erased Song Zhifei from her memory completely.

But her intuition told her that the man before her was very dangerous, and very… detestable.


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