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Chapter 79: Tag Number 15

Mu Yanhuai didnt care who he was dancing with.

This was a rare chance to meet Ji Shiting and he wouldnt let this chance go.

However, he hadnt caught sight of Ji Shiting yet.

And then, he saw Ye Shengge.

The rose was so eye-catching that he was immediately drawn to it.

Just that, why was she here

Mu Yanhuai scrutinized this womans exquisite body, and he couldnt help feeling heated.

He had never looked her way when they were engaged, but now that they had broken up, he felt that the woman was always flirting with him.

Mu Yanhuai couldnt help clenching his fists as he stared at the view of her back.

Ye Shengge was still looking for the number she wanted.

Fortunately, after a while, she saw the girl with the number 15 tag in her hand and immediately rushed forward asking to swap number tags.

The girl was very cautious at first, but after realizing that the man with number 15 was Vice-President Zhou, she agreed to the swap.

Ye Shengge held the number with satisfaction and waited for the number to be called.

After the first dance, Yu Shuhang left and disappeared into the crowd.

Ye Siyan only felt sad for a second, then she immediately got herself together and returned to the crowd.

She thought she would be greeted with jealousy, but why did everyone look at her with contempt

Ye Siyan was furious, but when she thought about what Ms.

Xie had told her, she could only suppress her anger and sit in a prominent position with her chin held high.

The dinner wasnt over yet, and she could still see Mr.

Ji tonight.

Ye Siyan blushed at the thought of Mr.

Jis gentle face.

Yu Shuhang looked very upset after returning to his study.

“Give me the project in the west city in three days!” He said bluntly.

“Where did Xie Siqi find that weirdo Seriously…”

“Could it be that Xie Siqi hates you” Qiao Yanze eyed Ji Shiting and said.

“Is she trying to frame you instead of chasing you”

“Its time to go.” Ji Shiting stood up and buttoned his cuff.

Qiao Yanze frowned and exchanged glances with Yu Shuhang.

This man had decided to show up

Tonight was really… interesting.

After Grandpa Ji left, the emcee took charge.

He called out another two numbers but none of them were number 15.

Ye Shengge was a little disappointed and considered whether she should talk to Vice President Zhou directly.

However, he was always with his business partners, so Ye Shengge couldnt find a chance.

Just as she was getting worried, the emcee drew another number and announced, “Number 15, please bring the two people on stage.”


Ye Shengge waved the number tag in her hand and said, “Me!”

Seeing this, Mu Yanhuai took a look at his own number tag but it wasnt 15.

He couldnt help feeling irritated when he thought of another man hugging Ye Shengges waist.

Ye Shengge walked to the stage excitedly and gazed at Vice-President Zhou.


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