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Chapter 1091 What Should Daddy Do

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Jinchen got out of bed and asked in shock, “Is Mommy going too”

Ji Shiting handed her his sons clothes and said, “Mommy has gone to the set.”

Jinchen took the clothes and said, “Daddy, did you anger Mommy”

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and said, “Why do you say that”

“Because Mommys ignoring you.” He snorted.

“Mommy likes you so much.

She wont ignore you unless you anger her.”

Jingqing nodded and said, “Thats right.”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and laughed hoarsely before saying, “Youre right.

Mom is really angry this time.

She refuses to forgive Dad no matter how he apologizes.

What do

you think Dad should do”

Jinchen was a bit surprised.

Although he was young, he was very sharp.

Although his father had been very good to them since he came back, he was also very dignified.

However, today, his father not

only admitted that he had irritated his mother, but he also asked them for help…

Jinchen felt a sense of mission.

He puffed his chest and said, “Ill tell Mommy when she comes back!”

“Its useless!” Jinqing decided to be a wet blanket.

“Mommy has a good temper and wont get mad easily, but once Mommy gets mad, the consequences will be serious.”

Jinchen thought for a bit and had to admit that his sister was right.


When I fought with my sister last time, she accidentally knocked me to the ground.

The back of my

head was swollen… Mom was very angry.”

Jinging crinkled her nose and said, “Mom hasnt smiled at me for a week… But you were the one who was careless last time! I only bumped into you lightly, but who knew

you were so fragile”

“Who asked you to snatch my Gundam” Jinchen glared at her.

Jinging stuck her tongue out at him.

Ji Shiting didnt seem to hear the siblings argument.

He looked dazed, and no one knew what he was thinking.

The two kids immediately changed the topic.

“Anyway… We cant bear to anger Mom,” Jinqing said.

“Daddy, all the best.

Dont relax.”

“By the way, Daddy, you can record a video.

It might be useful to apologize in the video.

Mommy likes to record videos herself,” Jinchen said.

“Mommy recorded many

videos for us these past few years.

She said shell show them to you when you come back.”

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “What video”

“Dont you care about us, Dad” Jinging was upset.

“Its the video Mom recorded for us! Theres a birthday party, my brother and I play games, and we play football… There

are so many of them.”

Ji Shitings eyes widened.

“Your growth video”

“Thats right.

There are also photos.

My sister and I have seen videos of our birthday banquet! There are many people at home!” Jinchen gestured.

“Mom, put them on the

hard drive, and the hard drive is in the study! I remember where it is!”

Ji Shitings heart pounded, and his voice became hoarse.

“Put on your clothes and take me to find the hard drive.”

Ye Shengge immediately dragged Su Yao aside after returning to the set.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that she was carrying Su Yao, even if Su Yao was half a head taller than her.

“Hey, Sister Shengge, dont be so exciting…”

“Who asked you to do it” Ye Shengge asked coldly..

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