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Chapter 24: Impromptu Singing (2/2)

Yan Lu said with a smile: “I thought I was looking for a restaurant to have a meal with my friends, but I didn’t expect to gain the love of so many friends.

Well, then I will sing another song for everyone here.””

For a while, everyone looked at each other, not quite knowing what Yan Lu meant by this sentence, do you want to sing the previous song again

So someone boldly shouted: “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”, can you sing it again”

However, Yan Lu smiled and shook his head.

He pointed to the decoration of the store and said, “Looking at the decoration of the store, I suddenly wanted to sing a song.”

Someone in the crowd said in disbelief: “Won’t there be another original song Or the scene Impromptu”

All kinds of eyes fell on Yan Lu’s body, and Guo Dali, the owner of the shop, was the most excited, and his flesh trembled with excitement.

He grasped the sleeves of the waiter beside him and said excitedly: “Record it, you must record it.”

Over there, Yan Lu had already adjusted his posture.

He had been sitting when he sang three songs before, but at this time he moved his chair away and stood in the middle of the field.

He looked for his feelings, then flicked the strings, and the brisk rhythm sounded like this.


Lao Zhang opened the car to go to the northeast


The driver who caused the accident was a hooligan

Ran away

Thanks to a Northeast man

Sent to the hospital for five stitches



At this opening, everyone was stunned, because they had never heard such a song at all.

The most important thing is this lyrics.

——“What does this have to do with the interior decoration of the store”

——“Holy **, is this a good thing for a good person”

For a while, not to mention the guests, even the shop owner Guo Dali himself was a little inexplicable.

He looked at Yan Li steadily, not knowing what his song meant.

But at this moment, Yan Lu found that feeling as soon as he opened his mouth, so he continued to sing happily.


Lao Zhang invited him to dinner

He quit if he drank less

He said~~~~~~~~


Yan Lu paused here deliberately, and unsurprisingly saw everyone looking at him with a question mark on their heads.

That look is very cute.

So his smile became brighter and brighter, he relaxed, hugged the guitar, and sang again.


We are all from Northeast China

We are also rich in Korean ginseng

We have pork stewed vermicelli in our house

We are all alive inside**

There is no such person in our family

How can you not save people if you hit a car

There are needle mushrooms on the mountain inside of us

That person is not from Northeast China



Brisk rhythm, coupled with the iconic Northern accent, almost Yan Lu didn’t sing a few words, and the audience was happy.

Many guests reacted and sang with laughter.

In particular, Yan Lu deliberately sang the chorus several times over and over again, so it didn’t take long for the audience to be all ‘We are inside’…’

Moreover, Yan Lu didn’t just sing like this, he also added words and changed words based on what he saw and thought of, and suddenly inspired.

For example, “Our inner boy is handsome,’ our inner girl is beautiful’, ’Our inner girl can drink liquor’, ‘Our inner girl can drink tea in a big tank.”……

Anyway, at this moment, no matter how happy it is, no matter whether it rhymes or not, no matter what it is sung.

As a result, the entire hotel inside and outside, including on the Internet, has become a sea of joy.

No matter whether it is southeast, west, or north, or where the accent is spoken, everything has become a northern accent at this moment.

“Our inner circle” has become a popular term, and every sentence can’t be separated from it.

It wasn’t until Yan Lu felt that his throat couldn’t hold it anymore that he closed it violently, when everyone looked at him uncomfortably.

He suddenly shouted in the direction of the back kitchen: “Cuihua! Serve sauerkraut!”

An aunt who came out to watch the excitement in the back kitchen also reacted quickly, and immediately responded heartily: “Okay!”

Suddenly, the audience burst into laughter!


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