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The Chinese New Year season was over, and all the staff in various departments had already returned to work.

Besides Chen Lixue, the Liang sisters had also eagerly awaited this day.

As long as Liang Weimin did not go to work, they would not be able to see him.

As long as they had not gotten their hands on the money, their tuition fees would remain unpaid.

Throughout the New Year, their worried hearts were hung up about this.

As soon as everyone began returning to work, Liang Xinyi eagerly asked Chen Lixue to stand guard at the gate of the Supervisory Bureau.

Unfortunately, the beginning of spring in Jingdu brought a wave of cold winds.

Chen Lixue had been living the life of a wealthy madam for a few good months, and after less than two hours of waiting, she began growing impatient.

She eyed every one of the people who came in and out of the gate of the Supervisory Bureau, all while shivering in the cold wind, yet she did not see Liang Weimins silhouette even until it was time to break for lunch.

At noon, Liang Danyi came over to swap shifts with her mother.

Chen Lixue was cold and hungry, and a fire was burning in her chest.

Every single bad memory from the past had resurfaced in her mind, and she rudely lost her temper at Liang Danyi.

“I told you to follow your father back then, but you refused.

And now that you need money, Im the one who has to go looking for him Whats the use of raising you all these years!”

She had two daughters—one only knew how to ask for money, while the other had such an awful reputation—and neither of them had the value for secondary use.

And it was all because she had to raise her daughters that her life as a wealthy madam had ended!

Liang Danyi looked absolutely aggrieved.

Her mother and sister had messed things up that led to their unfortunate plight, yet her mother was now putting all the blame on her when she was the most innocent one in all of this!

The Supervisory Bureau did not accept visitors, especially those without appointments.

Chen Lixue tried to stop a few people to question them, but they merely responded by saying that he was either busy working or stuck in a meeting.

In contrast, some simply said he had already left for the day, and she never caught a glimpse of Liang Weimins silhouette all day.

Two days had passed, and still, they could not catch the man.

Forget about how distressed Liang Danyi was—seeing as she was about to start school and had no money to sign up for classes, as their livelihood became more and more challenging to maintain, Chen Lixue started to panic too.

She immediately ran up to the gate of the Supervisory Bureau and started shouting.

Yun Xi was a little surprised when she suddenly received a call from Han Zhongteng.

Then, as she heard him asking her to go by the Supervisory Bureau to watch the unraveling of a good show, she immediately understood what was going on.

There was a circle of people watching the excitement at the entrance of the Supervisory Bureau.

Chen Lixue was showing off her distasteful countrywoman allure to cause a stir that attracted many civil servants in the bureau to gather and watch.

Even the armed police officer standing guard at the door who had stepped forward to stop her ended up getting his face scratched by her.

“Go away! Get lost! All of You! I demand to meet your deputy director, Liang Weimin! Im his wife! I want to see him right now!”

The two armed policemen were holding down Chen Lixue, and no matter how hard she tried to struggle, she couldnt break free, so she simply raised her head and shouted into the office building.

“I want to see Liang Weimin! Im his wife…”

“Our director has long been divorced.

So who is she to call herself his wife”

“Could she be a lunatic whos here to cause trouble”

“Look at her.

Shes like those madwomen cursing on the streets.

But, on the other hand, she may be a lunatic whos escaped from a psych ward!”

There was a lot of chatter around.

After Chen Lixue roughly heard what they were saying, her face was white with anger.

She immediately stood up and charged toward the gossiping crowd, only to be pressed back down on the ground by the two armed policemen.

“Youre the lunatic!” Chen Lixue glared at the people gossiping about her, and she shouted toward the building.

“Liang Weimin, you better get out here! Ill dish out all your shameful deeds if you dont come out!”

“Liang Weimin, get your stinking a** out here right now!”

No matter how loudly Chen Lixue shouted, no one came out of the office building.

Instead, there were quite a number of figures who suddenly appeared by the windows to watch the commotion downstairs.

Coincidentally, Liang Weimin happened to be away today, which saved him the trouble of facing this embarrassing and humiliating situation.

“This woman is sick in the head! Hurry up and call the police!”

“The armed police at the gates have already called for backup!”

A few minutes later, the police car siren was heard at the entrance.

By the time she realized what was happening, she had already been handcuffed and was dragged into the car.

On the road outside, away from the crowd, a black car had stayed parked for a long time.

Sitting in the back seat, Yun Xi slowly wound up the car window, then she turned around and glanced at Han Zhongteng casually.

“So, this was the good show you wanted me to watch”

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