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Chapter 30: Meeting

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They had already understood Zhai Jings situation when he was first found and his family members came to pick him up. They sympathized with him and admired his self-reliance at such a young age. But rules were rules. At most, they could only turn a blind eye and pretend they didnt see him running away.

However, they didnt dare go easy on someone like him today.

The town security Captain pulled him up.

“How are you You didnt fall, did you”

Zhai Jing moved his feet. There was a sharp pain in his ankle. He might have twisted it. He shook his head.

“Im fine.”

He was brought back to the city enforcement office, where he was to write a self-reflection letter as usual, and then his supplies were confiscated.

Zhai Jing wrote the letter with ease, so the captain of the Urban Management team took it and scanned through it before putting it aside. Then he picked out a few toys that looked relatively cheap from his bag and asked the staff to record them on the file as supplies to be confiscated.

Zhai Jing, who had been silent throughout, glanced at the toys he was holding and suddenly said,

“Ill exchange this car for the little green frog.”

“Theyre all going to be confiscated,” the town security Captain scolded. “Who are you to be so picky” In the end, he still helped him change it after scolding him.

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion outside the door. A few people dressed in city enforcement uniforms pulled four to five young men in.

The town security Captain looked at them with a frown.

“Whats wrong with this group”

The person in charge wiped the sweat off his head. “They fought before the stall and even smashed other peoples things. They looked underage, so I brought them back.”

Le Wan did not know that his words would come true. Zhai Jing had really been arrested by the city enforcement officers, and it was the kind of one-by-one arrest.

Therefore, when she received the call, she thought it was a scammer and almost reported it on the anti-fraud app, until she heard her brothers voice.

“Sis, you just have to come and sign.”

“You said youve been busy the whole day and still have the energy to go out and cause trouble” Le Wan was speechless.

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“Im just a student. I dont think theyll acknowledge me. Why dont you call big brother and ask him to pick you up”

“Please dont, sister, my dear sister.” Le Wanan quickly begged for mercy. “If big brother knows that I fought outside, he definitely wont let me off. In the end, it might turn into a ruckus, and the whole family will turn on me.”

“You deserve it!” Even though she said so, Le Wan still went out to pick up her fourth brother.

The moment the town security Captain saw her, he was a little suspicious.

“Are you an adult Wheres your family”

Le Wan took out her ID card and gave it to him. Then she lied.

“Im an adult now, and there are only the two of us at home. The adults are on a business trip, and I dont know when theyll be back.”

The town security Captain looked at her suspiciously, but he didnt dig any further. After all, fighting wasnt under their jurisdiction, but because it happened during their patrol, they could only step forward to stop it.

Looking at the students who were only fifteen or sixteen years old, if they could settle it privately, there was no need to transfer them to the Public Security Bureau and leave a stain on their files.

“They even smashed other peoples things. They have to pay for it. Do you have the money to pay for it”

Le Wan glared at her brother.

“Youve got some guts, huh you still dare to smash other peoples things”

Le Wanan shrunk his neck and quickly explained,

“That was an accident. I accidentally hit him.”

“Sorry to trouble you today,” said Le Wan to the captain. “Well pay you as much as you request.”

“Then you guys can discuss in private how to distribute between one another.”

The town security Captain had a lot of things to do, so he left after he finished speaking.

“Thank you, Captain.” Le Wan waved at him. She was about to reprimand her brother when she turned around and saw Zhai Jing standing there with a big package.

Le Wans mouth was wide open as she sized him up. Suddenly, he laughed out loud. “It seems that my words came true today”

Le Wanans sister complex radar lit up. He sized up Zhai Jing a few times like a scanner and concluded. He was much more handsome than Fu Sui.

He stepped forward and put his arm around Le Wans shoulder. “Sister, who is this”

Le Wan elbowed him away. “Dont be so rude. Call me senior.”

“Oh, hes the prodigy who helped you with your supplementary lessons.” Le Wanan immediately understood. As one of the people who had been arrested, he went forward and greeted warmly,

“Brother, how did you get arrested ”

From their similar faces, Zhai Jing guessed their relationship, so he replied in a kind tone, “An illegal stall.”

He thought that he would look down on him. After all, many people looked down on small vendors. To his surprise, Le Wanan gave him a thumbs-up and said,

“I noticed you when I was over there just now. You look so familiar. How many times have you been here”

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