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I Received System to Become Dragonborn Chapter 30 To The Oval Palace

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The helicopter hovered over the city of Ascan which is the capital of the Republic of Ascaria. The sky was already starting to lighten when they reached the city.

Ascan City is located in the center of the Republic and has the most prosperous civilization among all other cities. Of course, it's like that because this city is the center of all government.

The Presidential Palace which is the residence of the President is a large building in the middle of Ascan city. When viewed from above, you will see an oval shape that fills a wide lawn.

Erend and Billy looked at the scene below them with wide, sparkling eyes. For poor people from the outskirts like them, visiting the city of Ascan is a rare opportunity.

Erend and Billy couldn't even remember the last time he'd been here. Maybe they had never been here because there was no nostalgia sensation when they saw the city buildings and the oval palace.

A few minutes later they landed in front of a building surrounded by a high and thick fence. The helicopter landed on the helipad in the front yard. They all got off the helicopter and entered the building.

"This is our temporary base," Steve said. "All the equipment for the purposes of the mission has been prepared here. Also, the distance from this place to the presidential palace is not too far."

Steve explained everything as they walked into the building that looked like a normal two-story house. Steve showed a room where Erend, Billy, and Lt. Boartusk will stay while Anna and John went into their room. They seemed to have been here many times so they seemed familiar with the location of each room.

"We'll meet in ten minutes. I'll call you guys when the time comes." After saying that, Steve closed the door and left.

Erend, Billy, and Lt. Boartusk were in the same room. There are three different beds and a simple wardrobe in this room. The three of them sat on their respective beds.

"You nervous" Lt. Boartusk asked while looking at Erend and Billy

"Yes," Billy answered.

Eren just nodded. He really can't talk much when he's nervous.

"Don't worry. As usual, focus on the task in front of your eyes. You guys are always nervous when the Elf comes to attack, right But you can always fight well," Lt. Boartusk said.

That's right. When they first arrived at the bunker, in the evening the Elf's attack came. The two of them had to go straight to war after being soldiers for less than twenty-four hours.

But until now they are still alive and that shows that they are strong soldiers. The luck factor is also a sign that they are strong enough, right

Luck at that time was the thing that made Erend think that he was the luckiest human being. Not only had he failed to meet death but he had also gained an extraordinary power.

Erend and Billy started to gain their confidence with simple words from Lt. Boartusk. If they could survive until now, what made them afraid of what would happen

Previously they fought an Elf who had Magic. But now they would only fight humans. Shouldn't that be easier

Erend and Billy forced themselves to accept the logic to calm themselves down. Even if that excuse was just something to cheer them up, as long as it calmed them down, they would continue to think that way.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and Steve's voice called out to them. "Let's go. The meeting is about to start."

Erend, Billy, and Lt. Boartusk immediately came out of the room and followed Steve into another room. In the room, there is a small box placed on the table.

The box was as small as a box of cigarette packs. Anna and John were already gathered around the table and standing quietly. They didn't look nervous in the slightest. Making Erend, Billy, and Lt. Boartusk believe that they are professionals who have performed operations like this over and over.

Once everyone had gathered around the table. Steve said something to John. "Turn on."

John just nodded briefly and then pressed something he was holding. Moments later the box in the center of the table lit up and emitted a holographic projection.

Erend, Billy, and Lt. Boartusk were surprised and stared with wide eyes. The hologram is a blueprint of the presidential oval palace in three dimensions.

Anna Chuckles. "First time seeing it"

"Y-Yes," Erend answered without taking his eyes off the hologram.

"That's normal. This technology is classified as a secret technology," Anna continued.

"Okay, let's start the briefing," Steve said. "Before we get there, John will be manipulating the security cameras and other security systems. We'll go on an unmanned drone and land on the roof..."

Steve began to explain their heist plan in detail but briefly. The explanation signifies a rich experience. He had done this so many times that he could choose the most concise and easy-to-understand way of explaining it.

Mission briefing finished in half an hour. They dispersed to their respective rooms to bide their time.

Several hours passed and night had come. They all suit up for the mission. They wear black tactical clothes that cover their entire bodies and are equipped with stealth technology.

The suit could render them invisible for five minutes. Not only their suits but their weapons are also equipped with the same material so that they can also be turned invisible.

"If we use technology like this for the war against the Elves, surely everything will become easier." Erend let out a sudden remark as they prepared.

"Yeah, you're right. But instead, they give us old-fashioned guns and limited ammo. Then hopefully we can survive just by that." Billy, of course, continued his comment.

Lt. Boartusk just sighed.

"But you guys can survive, right" Steve replied. "In that case, you guys are extraordinary soldiers."

Erend and Billy glanced at him.

"You also seem like an extraordinary soldier. How about you come to the front line with us" Erend said.

Steve chuckled. "I'm not a soldier."

Once the preparations were complete, they went to where the unmanned drones were waiting. Prepare to steal from the presidential palace.



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